Building Your Website

Your New Website.

Rome wasn’t built in a day but we can have your basic site ( or whatever you choose) up and visible on the web in minutes. The fun begins as you learn to fill that site with relevant content and graphics. Technical knowledge is not required. Anyone can do it.

The Information Super Highway.

Your website will be providing your prospective customers with answers to their questions and with potential solutions to their problem. Becoming an expert on your particular niche and writing about it will be your main purpose. Your website layout, it’s look and overall appearance will be built around your content and organized by it’s relevance. Research your area of interest. See what others are doing online and educate yourself.  The more of an expert you become, the easier you will make it for your customers to click on that all important link.

Writing Your Content.

This will become the most time consuming aspect of your website development. Learning how to do everything else is procedural. Once you comprehend and see the big picture it will be like learning to ride a bike. Writing is different though, It’s you being creative, you’ll be writing about the features, benefits, and advantages of the product or service that you are directing your audience toward. So don’t sweat the small stuff, just start to write and get those creative juices flowing. Before long it will be second nature.

Your Window On The World.

Literately, once properly optimized, your website is available for viewing by potentially hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and depending on your niche, you will have access to them all. This is the 21st Century and everyday somewhere, someplace, a new internet millionaire is made.  And while I am not suggesting that you will become one, with steady work and creative content you will have a shot at it. I am however, suggesting, that with due diligence and a good product you will make a decent living, The more you put in, the more you will get out.

Make It Your Purpose.

Because your efforts will be rewarded if you do!

Be determined, resolute, and entirely resolved to make your website work for you.  And then it surely will.  A residual income is within your grasp. Take action, commit yourself to the opportunity. If you do, you will succeed.

Be Factual.

Honesty is always the best policy.

Do not make exaggerated claims because accurate copy is more likely to be viewed as authentic.

Allow me to elaborate a little here because it is so important. Your success as an affiliate marketer will be entirely dependent on your ability to direct traffic to the web business that you are representing. By all means elaborate all you want on your products or service’s features and benefits, but be accurate. You don’t want to be thought of in the same light as the guy with the gaudy mansion, sitting on the hood of his luxury car, with a cigar clenched between his teeth offering you absolute, unrealistic profits. That’s a scam. Words matter!

Build Trust.

Embed your e mail address within your site as a contact for people asking questions about your offer. (This would actually be something like and that mail will be immediately forwarded to your regular email. Encouraging questions generates trust. Make yourself available. The mere fact of your doing that will make a consumer feel confidant to take the next step.

Check Out Your Competition.

You may firmly believe that your approach is entirely original. But is it? Research your competitors,  See what they are doing right, and as importantly see what they are doing wrong. That will be of great help to you going forward.

Connecting With Your Audience.

Imagine an ad on TV, and we all have our favorites. Pick one and think about why you liked it so much. In part that ad talked to you because the advertiser knew who you were. Meticulous research and conclusions from focus groups know more about you as a consumer than you think.

Whatever your niche ends up to be, find out all you can about your audience. Who are these people? Put yourself in their shoes and then address them because “To sell John Smith what John Smith buys, is to see John Smith through John Smith’s eyes.


Eyes On The Prize.

The tortoise won the race because he didn’t see it as one! He knew that if he kept on going he would eventually get there. Building your site is not just perspiration, in fact it’s mostly inspiration. Don’t struggle with it, enjoy the process, walk before you run and always maintain the thought of your vision, out there on the internet and earning money!




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