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Writing For A Blog Is, A Different Deal

Writing For A Blog Is, A Different Deal

I don’t know about you, but my life has pretty much morphed into an online one. I barely watch TV anymore, so I cut the cord on cable and upped the speed of my broadband connection!

Recently I had to pay for something with a physical check. I hadn’t written a check in over 6 years. The checkbook had my old address and I overwrote it in ball point ink. It was a really strange “back to the future” experience that I haven’t stopped thinking about since!


Writing For A Blog Is, A Different Deal


Remember the attention span rule… You have, at most 8 seconds to make a 1st impression.

8 seconds!

Writing for a blog is fun. You get to talk to thousands of people from across the world. You share your views, opinions, and recommendations, and, thanks to Google Analytics you can actually measure your audience and that’s fun too!

From my I-phone no less, I know, pretty much in real time, how many visitors my website is receiving.

I check my overall stats at the end of each day, and I am able to compare, on a day to day, week to week, or month to month basis, just how many visitors I had to my site, versus the preceding period.

I also know what device they were using to view my page, IE: laptop, mobile, or tablet, the individual page they landed on, how long they stayed on the site, and what page they exited from.

I know what country and city they are from, what time of day they were looking, and even how they arrived at my site. Direct search, or social media?

It tells me and then breaks it down further into Facebook, Pinterest, etc etc.

That information is priceless because I am able to accurately evaluate the success of my own output.


Brain exercises for seniors


And That’s Changed The Way I Write.

8 seconds!

If your desire is to monetize your blog then you have to have them at hello!

Writing for a blog is different than, for instance, writing for a journal, or even a novel. It’s an entirely different skill set, but you can learn how to put it together.


Here’s what I learned from analyzing my Google statistics.


The Posts With The Most Views Were Largely The Ones Containing The Shortest Paragraphs.


The 8-second attention span means that your brain automatically scans a page on a website looking for relevant and useful information, and an introduction that does not immediately get to the point will probably be dismissed in no time flat and your reader will have moved on.

This is not to say that a post should be devoid of writing that flows, and attention to grammar is no less important, it’s just that the structure of a successful money producing site is designed to convert a reader into a customer.


Writing For A Blog Is, A Different Deal


When I started to blog my intent was to write naturally and state my case. And, if there was somebody out there in the great wide open who read and presumably appreciated what I had to say, then I would have been delighted to have been of service. But without learning (in my case by hard experience) how to correctly express yourself specifically for a web audience your website just can’t grow to the point where it could become profitable.

You can have the greatest keywords and SEO descriptions but even when you discover an old article featured on page 1 of a Google search and even if they go to your site, it will all have been in vain if they never finish reading what you had to say.


Call To Action


The sooner you get to the point and begin to elaborate, the sooner you will be able to place call to action buttons on your page.


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You really have no way of knowing if your reader is hot and ready to buy something or not and getting them to endlessly scroll down will often be the kiss of death.

There is a fine line though, between subtly placing calls to action like “ready to try it now”,  and overdoing it by effectively turning your post into somewhat of a shiny object.

You’re steering a middle course, always trying to remain informative but occasionally giving your readers a gentle push.

The nature of blogging for profit (affiliate marketing) and the SEO demands that go with it dictate that a blogger seeking traffic, posts articles of at least 1,000 words several times a week.


Writing For A Blog Is, A Different Deal



Otherwise, they would run the risk of not being relevant criteria for the search bots.

Don’t forget that among other things, the search engines will rank you, partially on the frequency of your posts. Content, content, content.

Content Was, Is, And Always Will Be King.


And, just as long as you keep to your specialty niche, and continue to offer helpful information and continue to offer up helpful information then publishing every few days will help your overall rankings enormously.

But, that may bring different challenges for your writing.

Writing to a self-imposed deadline means grinding it out, and like it or not, it kind of has to be formulaic not least of all because it helps to speed things up.

Large type headlines announcing each segment of the article helps keep the visitor reading.


How I learned affiliate marketing



Whenever possible some form of CTA should be placed within each segment, but only it flows with the copy, and not randomly placed.

A subtle call to action, possibly within a sentence is preferable to a garish pop-up or a flashy button.

Always remember that you are recommending, not shoving an offer down someone’s virtual throat.

Approximately half way through the article it’s OK to become a little more verbose. After all if they have already read 500 words they’ll probably stick it out to the end. But still continue to break it up. Offer them bite sized portions and they just might eat something.

I hope that you found this article helpful and I welcome your comments.

For further questions please feel free to e-mail me anytime at

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  1. These are all excellent points. I find that I can’t read large blocks of text online. There’s just so much there that it hurts my eyes and makes it tough to focus. So, your tip on keeping paragraphs short is a good one. That makes it so much simpler to read!
    All great points!

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