Working From Home

Home Sweet Home.


I started this website because I was looking for help myself when attempting to build another site to eventually work from home. I wanted to know how it all worked, and I struggled with this for several months.

Don’t get me wrong here, there is plenty of stuff out there for the technically inclined, but unfortunately I was not one of them. I kept getting hung up on the little details, pretty small in the big picture of things but very necessary for me to proceed to the next step in an orderly manner. I made some progress but largely it remained incomplete. My frustration knew no bounds. But it’s a new day, I learned how its done, and believe me If I can do it then so can you!

A Brand New Day.

For some, working from home still has somewhat of a negative ring to it. Depends how old you are I guess!  But back in the day it brought up images of stuffing envelopes or doing outwork for starvation wages. Unscrupulous employers taking advantage of the desperate and so on. That still goes on of course, but increasingly that’s not really the case anymore because computers have changed everything.

It really is possible now to make the same money from home as you would have done commuting to a regular job!  Today it’s an entirely different game because with fortitude and due diligence you finally have the opportunity to make a whole lot more!


Time Management.


Working from home is the aspiration of many people, and in the computer age it is growing exponentially. But working in your PJs still requires discipline. You may want to escape others rigorous timetables but to be ultimately successful you are, sorry to say, going to have to re-invent them for yourself!


Time Blocks.


Ideally as a home worker you might have your own office. Get up, sit at the desk and go at it for 8 hours just as you would do in a regular job . But who are we kidding right? Perhaps you don’t have an office, maybe just a laptop and a mission. Maybe you have kids or pets vying for your attention?  But you do need to compartmentalize your life in order to get things done.

Give yourself 2 hour time blocks at parts of the day when you will have the least distractions. If you can make them longer than 2 hours, great, but you should establish a pattern and practice self discipline. It will serve you well.


Know Your Computer.



Almost all work from home opportunities will, by necessity, involve using a computer. You obviously know how to get yourself online but just how well do you know your own computers operating system? Are you aware of all of its nuances? Its shortcuts? Taking a little time to more fully understand this will be of immeasurable help to you going forward.

Avoiding Scams.


One major rule and I cannot stress this enough. Do not give any online entity your credit card information before you really know what you are getting in return! Money back guarantees are worthless. They already have your information and getting it back from a business, (that unknown to you) is operated from a third world country? Good luck!


Staying Motivated.


It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop!

Of course there will be pitfalls but keep at it. No bosses here, just you and your determination to succeed. Once established, your work from home business will be operating with a degree of autonomy. Hurrah you’re making money. But getting yourself through the initial learning curve will mean making goals and sticking to them no matter what. Remember that being perfect is impossible but aspiring to excellence is the key to any business.


Leveraging Your Knowledge.


So you have interests right? And quite possibly you know stuff on subjects that many do not. Use that knowledge in the selection of your chosen business and within the operation of it. This is particularly important if your choice is your own website. Never lose sight of the fact that the internet is an information medium. Provide answers and elaborate!




If you are in this group, and unless you have stashed away lots of money for your golden years and are already busy with philanthropic activities, you will have a wonderful opportunity to succeed at Internet marketing because you just may have the time to devote to establishing and maintaining a productive website. Do not fear your lack of technical prowess,  (I am not a computer wiz either, far from it)  because in the affiliate program that I suggest you invest your time in, you will be guided every step of the way. No coding, programing, or any internet experience is required. Just follow along at your own pace. It will be a fun journey.


Take Action.


When it comes to making money we all like to dream. We all imagine and occasionally we even come up with great ideas. But, they remain just dreams if we never take action. Successful people do the things that others can’t be bothered to do. Just like everyone else they fall but they get up time and again. That’s the difference. Establishing a home based business and making it work for you will bring rewards but there will be stumbling blocks along the way. So turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Climb over. You will get there!



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