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Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors

Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors

Truth About Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate, at its essence is a community. One that you can join and participate in and learn affiliate marketing from the ground up.

With the tremendous advances in the technology of selling things online it has become easier than ever to set yourself up with a professional looking website and have at it. But it’s so much more than that.


Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors?


The number one reason that seniors are reluctant to embark on a an internet business journey is that they believe that their lack of knowledge on how the internet works will somehow hold them back.

Many seniors are also insecure about everyday computing skills in general. And In 2018 It’s still a mystery to some.

Well, I’m a senior now and despite that I can say categorically that it will work for you, even if your current understanding is rudimentary. All you really need is a healthy curiosity, determination, and a little time to learn and absorb this new and exciting way of running a business entirely from your laptop.


Fear Of  The Unknown


Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors


You see I was scared of technology, or rather my lack of knowledge of it. To me some of the inner workings of the web are to this day still shrouded in mystery.  And, in so many ways I don’t really care anymore about my overall lack of expertise because I am not an IT guy, and frankly never will be. I get the big picture of how things work now. and that’s enough.

For an older person to learn how to successfully operate an online business, the requirement above all is patience, and an understanding that it’s OK not to really understand bits and bytes and coding. You won’t need that, not any more.


What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach?


It teaches you all you need to know about your little corner of the internet, affiliate marketing; How to do it the right way. How to build a website from scratch, with a mind to offer to the world your opinions and recommendations on products and services for which you will be paid.


What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?


Have you ever found yourself viewing a web post  covering a topic that you have asked Google to find for you? And within that post are actual suggested solutions complete with recommendations and perhaps embedded links directing you to suppliers, often products sold by Amazon?


That In Essence Is Affiliate Marketing And People Are Getting Rich From It

Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors



Think of it as a means by which consumers worldwide can sort the wheat from the chaff, because the world wide web and its shopping options, while affording us convenience and really competitive pricing, has also brought forth confusion.

Sometimes there are just too many choices. Affiliate marketing addresses those purchasing dilemmas and makes it easier for consumers to decide.

The beauty of this discipline is that your reward (your commission payment), is automatic money.

Nothing to claim, no purchase orders, no bookkeeping,  just an agreement between the vendor and you (the affiliate), that anyone purchasing a product or service via your page link will be attributed to you and you will be receiving payment directly to your bank or Paypal account.

Here is a screenshot of a typical affiliate marketers post showing links to the vendor.


Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors

Note that the affiliate’s business revolves around their niche, their expertise if you will, and  in this case the niche is small appliances and here the affiliate is writing a review about the best coffee makers. Each product, if you were to click on one would take you directly to Amazon. Order one and this affilate would get paid


The Wealthy Affiliate Community


The founders namely Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim started the business in 2002 as a means by which people could access a treasure trove of information on all things internet marketing.

It has morphed into a virtual academy, and can now boast a membership roster of one million established and aspiring online business owners of every stripe.

The premise of Wealthy affiliate as an entity, was to provide an easy to operate platform where individuals could operate their businesses without the necessity of separate hosting from outside sources. Today, they literally do it all for you.


Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors



The Training


If you are a tad insecure about negotiating your way through internet marketing acronyms and unfamiliar terminology please put that thought to rest.

Wealthy Affiliate understands that, and from the get-go you will discover that everything is explained in everyday language.

As you immerse yourself and become comfortable with the unfamiliar the WA training module ratchets up a notch, taking you through the rudiments of SEO (search engine optimization) and explains how Google and the other search engines index and actually rank your website and its individual content.

This is affiliate marketing 101 and all the better because it’s entirely free of charge.

They won’t’ ask (or even bug you) for any credit card information, you can sign up as a free member, and they will show you, literally step by step, how easy it really is build your own site. In fact as you practice your new skills, you will be provided with your own free website and in real time you are able to add fresh content and view it all live online. As a free member that privilege is yours to keep forever.

Yes the free membership really includes that.


Here Is A Glimpse Of The Initial Entirely Free Course


Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors


What’s The Catch?


Well surprisingly for all of you cynics out there, there is none. This is truly an altruistic community of the like minded. The hook, if there were one, would be your own desire to upgrade to  premium membership which, (wouldn’t you know) will give you access to a world, which I for one, had no idea existed.

Premium membership costs me about a dollar a day and is one of the finest investments I have ever made.

Seniors, like yours truly, will discover an incredible resource, and  instant 24/7 help from fellow affiliates across the world covering every aspect of your new affiliate business. It’s remarkable.

But first things first. Read my review of the Wealthy Affiliate program and sign up!

Any questions? I’d be happy to answer them. Just send me an e-mail to howard@affiliate

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5 Comment

  1. I like the way that you describe affiliate marketing at its core. It is definitely a great way to earn income and most people are indeed held back by the fact that they feel incapable of competing with others. There is no perfect recipe or perfect time to start a business, you just go for it, learning and adjusting along the way. Wealthy Affiliate is a unique place for affiliate marketers and the best part is that they do not promise you anything unless you put in the work. Great place to start your business.

    1. Right  on John, 

      Glad you’re on board. If you need any help within the community, just PM me, I’m here to help!

  2. This is a really encouraging post. Although I’m not quite a “senior”, I have been reluctant to embark on the world of “internet business”. Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. Great website. Especially for those of us not in that “younger tech generation”. Really encouraging. I like the simple content and the easy navigation. It really eases us non-tech people into that world and provides great encouragement at the same time. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m one of those hesitant ones and DEFINITELY not the tech-type. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your comment John.

      My own technical skills have markedly improved since joining Wealthy Affiliate but they only teach things that you really need to know to professionally run a site. It’s a jargon free community!

      If you have any questions please send me an e-mail, I’m here to help!


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