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When Do I Retire. It’s The Big Question!

So there you are, just a few years away from what you had hoped would be the beginning of a comfortable retirement but somehow the numbers are just not adding up. You are slowly coming to the realization that when you ask yourself the question, when do I retire? you begin to believe that just maybe you might not be able to retire at all, or at least not in the manner to which you may have become accustomed.

To continue working through your 60s and beyond will bring a whole host of challenges, not the least of which might be your physical ability to do so. And then what?

Can I Really Make A Living Sitting at My Computer?



In today’s world the fastest and certainly the least expensive means of starting a business for an older person would involve the internet, and for people without technical skills, becoming an affiliate marketer will probably be the easiest route.

Affiliate marketing is fairly new as a business model. From a modest beginning just 22 short years ago, ( PC Flowers & Gifts was the very first company to offer an affiliate program) it has today become an integral part of the marketing mix and is responsible for billions of accrued dollars across the spectrum.

For the most part, individual affiliate marketers are ordinary people just like you, who have turned their hobbies into a business, Whatever it is that you might be looking for within a Google search, it’s highly probable that it’s an affiliate marketer’s website that you will click on.

Affiliate Marketing.


The concept of affiliate marketing is an easy one to understand. It is a website built around a hobby, an interest, or a subject matter that affiliate marketers enjoy talking about, a kind of a blog if you will.

The function and the aim of an affiliate business owner is to guide their readership to vendors who will automatically pay a commission for every sale generated from their site. This is achieved through recommendations and links in their text, directing readers to a vendors product or service.

The most glaring example of this would be you, following a Google search for something specific, arriving at a site where Amazon products might be featured.

Here you will often see not only Amazon links embedded within the text but sometimes links as thumbnail pictures including prices, of products featured within that particular article. The reader clicks, arrives at Amazon’s site, they buy and the affiliate gets paid. There are countless thousands of companies in every conceivable field of business offering online affiliate programs.

Once you have established your presence on the internet in the form of your own website, you would then concentrate on building online readership of your content. It’s possible to do that yourself and without advertising. Your site’s overall object is obviously to begin producing income as soon as possible but before that can happen you have to learn how websites work, behind the scenes as it were.

Learn, And Do It Yourself.


The only way around doing that would be to hire an IT freelancer to look after the mechanics of your site on your behalf, but that would be a mistake for a couple of reasons. No.1 would be the cost, hourly fees can really add up fast, and one of the attractions to setting up a website and building an affiliate marketing business is that you can start it with no outlay at all other than your own sweat equity. No. 2, If you don’t understand, yourself, how your website’s back office (and there is one) works, then you wouldn’t be able to detect that something might be amiss in the first place.

People treat their IT help as they would the emergency room. It’s entirely the wrong approach. You really can do it yourself.


Let’s say that your web page’s loading speed had slowed to a crawl and you don’t understand why? It might possibly have been a really easy fix for you to do yourself, instead of making an expensive emergency phone call. And were you to understand how the modern web site’s back office actually functioned then possibly it wouldn’t have happened at all!

Once you know how, fixing issues with a site yourself will be a far easier thing for you to understand than you might think. Some people think that technology is complicated. Well technology is now making technology itself easy to use for the layman, and it’s getting better every day.

Affiliate marketers, pretty much all of them today, use an online platform called WordPress. It’s all written in easy to understand English and it’s there where you write your articles, add pages, pictures, and graphics, and then with one click, publish your content directly to the internet. Familiarizing yourself with your website’s back office in WordPress will be key to successfully operating your business.



Building Your Online Business.


Nothing for nothing in this world and however you may have imagined life in retirement, reality bites and sometimes it bites hard! If you start now and learn affiliate marketing before you retire, you will be well positioned to add a significant amount of money every month to your retirement income stream.


One Thing That Affiliate Marketing Is Not, And That’s A Get Rich Quick Scheme.


It will require a little effort and time to familiarize yourself with the practices and procedures of operating a successful site. Again it’s all in plain English and there is no technical knowledge needed at all, but the terminologies may be initially unfamiliar. Once you know the lay of the land though it’s a breeze to understand.

So you have your own website set up, looking good and filled with great stuff but you will still have to nurture it and add fresh content on a regular basis. It’s a commitment that you would have to make to allow your new business to flourish. No different from any other.

If you are prepared to work at it for a few hours every day, getting it right, adding a couple of thousand words of content each week and incorporate that practice into your lifestyle as a brand new discipline, then you will be doing what every successful affiliate marketer does and your rewards, namely great traffic and sales will be just around the corner.




The Learning Curve.


Here are the steps you would need to take, in order to most effectively learn how to start your very own online affiliate marketing business.


Find yourself a market niche.

It literally could be pretty much anything. A subject matter that really interests you though, would be a good choice.

Secure yourself a domain name for your niche. Your unique .com name, on average costs will run you no more than $20.00 a year.


Building a website around your niche.

Believe it or not, this is the easiest part of setting up a new internet business. There are thousands of website templates available online, and some of them are free. You can adapt them for your own purposes and for some of the simpler templates it’s almost as easy as filling in the blanks. Observe how websites are structured and follow along adding your own material.


Understand SEO, what it is, and how it works.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an absolute must to get to grips with if you want to be discovered online without spending money on paid advertising. Free traffic is out there for your niche market and learning the best techniques to rank high in a Google search will be paramount to your success.

Take some lessons.

There is help available online for you to get started with a website business, including many free You Tube videos, but unless you already have a little experience with building sites, it can be an arduous process and there are a lot of blind alleys to contend with. If you think that affiliate marketing might be for you, your best bet would be to head on over to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for their free beginners classes in affiliate marketing.

First off this is the largest affiliate marketing development community on the planet and the learning platform is remarkable in its breadth. It covers literally everything involved with producing and operating a profitable online business. From help in pinning down your niche, through the building and the publishing of your site online, it’s all here.

As a newbie participating in the free beginner’s portion, Wealthy Affiliate will never ask you for a credit card or any financial information at all. The beginner’s section is really free, including up to two of your own sites hosted by them and up and visible, live online.

Check out my online review of Wealthy Affiliate.

It details the platform in a little more detail. This is where I began my own online journey, and you can too!

Need more information or have questions? You can always reach me at



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4 Comment

  1. Really interesting approach to affiliate marketing as a some kind of retirement fund.
    Actually, I think affiliate marketing also can help people like me, with a full time job, to get an extra income.
    I started my first affiliate website 2 and a half years ago, made a few mistakes and just working on it a few hour a week. When I realized that it needs patience and perseverance things started to improve. Every action adds to build my online income maker and profits are slowly growing every month.

    1. Hi Carlos:

      So glad that affiliate marketing is working out for you, and when you eventually retire, your fund will be waiting for you!

      Good luck on your journey,


  2. Hi Howard.
    You have a great post here. I have to agree Affiliate marketing is not as hard as I thought it would be. Once you get past the fear.
    I really like how you pointed out about site speed. And how most think this would be very complicated. But as you said it is very easy once you learn and with our wonderful technology they really have put it laymans terms now. I think you done a great job on this post. Thank you

    1. Thank you Melissa,

      Yes indeed, setting up and operating a website is a piece of cake compared to just a few years ago.

      Appreciate your kind remarks,



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