Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?


In essence affiliate marketing is you, via your own website, introducing a product or a service on behalf of a third party. When that product or service is purchased you make a commission on the sale.

Generally people approach the internet as an information medium. They are after all on the Information Super Highway!  For example you ask a question in Google and pages of possibly relevant content appear. You click on one and there is a website offering an answer. Within that site there is a link to the ultimate solution and here’s where the magic happens. When the potential customer arrives at the product or service through your link, and actually purchases, you get paid, and automatically.


The Way Of The Future.


Affiliate marketing did not exist when I was busy planning ad campaigns in New York. We did it the old fashioned way. Primitive computers were no more than sophisticated typewriters and to construct a brochure from start to finish was an arduous process. No photo shop either. Every page pasted by hand onto boards and photographic type outsourced to typesetters and delivered by messenger. Mass marketing today, once you have conquered the basics, is so much easier. As an affiliate you wont have to worry at all about your product’s distribution because it will all be handled by someone else.


Your Niche.


Your Niche, or market segment, is the area of internet commerce that you want to represent. It’s up to you,  It could be anything! Whatever your interests or passions, (it might even be your favorite product), there are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there encouraging you to direct potential customers to their sites. Thanks in part to companies like Amazon,  (and incidentally they also have their own affiliate programs) consumers are increasingly becoming more comfortable purchasing everyday products online while old fashioned brick and mortar retail is slowly dying on the vine.


Your Hobbies.


If you have a passion, it’s likely that you are already somewhat of an expert on the subject.

You could have your niche right there! Think about that for a moment. You possess valuable information and insights that may help guide your customer towards making that important purchase. It’s already your hobby so why not make some money while you are at it!


More Than One Niche.


Once you know how it all works  you will not be restricted to just one niche. You will have the knowledge to build additional sites featuring  entirely different products or services. A brand new niche! You could also sell your very own product or service but the easiest way to start a web based business is to start by becoming an affiliate.

Money, Money.

Your possibilities are limitless and dependent upon the strength of the product or service itself and your ability to guide your readers, like a traffic cop at a busy intersection, to their eventual destination. If you stick with your chosen niche, learn everything you can about it and apply your time effectively in developing your business, you will be making somewhat of a passive and regular income.  There is nothing quite like it!  We can help you with that and it’s entirely  free  to get started


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