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What Is The Big Picture, Of Affiliate Marketing

What Is The Big Picture, Of Affiliate Marketing

I was one of those people who knew just enough about the inner workings of internet business, to be dangerous.

I had a tendency to go off on tangents, on individual aspects of affiliate marketing. I thought I knew it all,

And while this was in some ways helpful, it really wasn’t because what I didn’t know was preventing me from making intelligent, informed and timely decisions. I didn’t know the big picture!


What Is The Big Picture, Of Affliate Marketing​?


​I’m a big believer that nothing teaches you about anything as much as making those inevitable mistakes along the way, but when you’re messing with a websites structure, you’d better know what you are doing!… Sound right?

An affiliate marketer does not need to be a technically savvy individual, and they don’t need to know HTML but they have to understand what it is, and what it does.

They don’t need ( or pretend to be ) an SEO expert, but they must understand the necessity for such a discipline and what its basic tenets are.

Successful affiliate marketers know where they are going and they have a road map right in front of them. They know the rules of the road and they are headed toward their destination.


What Is The Big Picture, Of Affiliate Marketing


Which, is money.

Understanding the big picture, and genuinely comprehending what it really takes to make money with this discipline is vital, because if you don’t know it, you will likely not be making one red cent!


You Can’t Do It If You Don’t Love It!


And that starts with what your website is all about. If you’ve been at it for a while, and you find yourself constantly struggling to come up with writing topics, then you may want to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, “what am I doing”?


Am I In The Right Niche?


There are literally thousands of niches, probably tens of thousands, across the spectrum of the world wide web. Your purpose and the very reason for your business’s existence must be built around your knowledge, opinions and resulting recommendations, Your posts should reflect that.


Did I Build My Site The Right Way?


The selection of a physical style for a new website is an emotive subject. It’s natural for a newbie to want a sophisticated, not to say glamorous presence on the internet, but that’s not necessarily the way to go, and in fact it could be actually harming your progress.


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Unless you have paid for a website template, ( with an accompanying help desk ), your flashy site may take so long to load, that your potential readership moves on rather than wait for a few seconds. That’s the world we all live in now, we demand instant information. Simple sites, providing of course that they are attractive and contain useful information will probably serve your purposes better than pretending you are a fortune 500 company.


Site Structure


This is a whole topic all by itself, but in essence the layout of your site should be constructed with a mind to understanding how a new reader might view and navigate it and there is a definite method to follow when you initially establish your sites navigation.

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What Is The Big Picture, Of Affiliate Marketing

Here’s a fact. The average article sitting on page 1 of a Google search contains almost 2000 words.

That’s not to say that increasing your verbosity will increase your rankings. Rather, it will be articles and reviews, chock-full of helpful and easy to understand information. The more thorough you have been in your research and conclusions, the more the bots will be alerted to it.

While some of the Google rules governing its ranking system, have been shrouded in mystery, there are some things that we know a great deal about. But the algorithm endlessly changes and we endlessly play catch up. Make no mistake, they are smart, and getting smarter. Bots can read what you have to say and they understand that great content is the lifeblood of your site.


Social Media


What Is The Big Picture, Of Affiliate Marketing

Getting rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing can take time. They need to know that you have a seriousness of intent and that you appear to be in it for the long haul.

However, you can speed that process, and help it along by participating in social media. Linking your site to social media platforms ultimately results in increased traffic and that has two benefits. Number one is obviously that you are generating additional visitors to your site but the search engines are also seeing this traffic (interest in your business), for which you will receive some well-deserved brownie points.


Do Not Trust The Shiny Objects!


What Is The Big Picture, Of Affiliate Marketing


I used to believe in shortcuts but I have seen the light.

There are so many false claims made about making money online. Some are downright scams, others are shall we say, devious and a precious few are OK up to a point, but even then the opportunity to make significant money is not really there. When you are working for what in effect is someone else’s program, you are not in charge, they are

Up until comparatively recently I was myself susceptible to shiny objects and a couple of years back I signed up for one. A money making opportunity that is, that ended up costing me several hundred dollars.

It went like this.

I had read a book, loaned to me by a geeky friend, that was written by a guy in Singapore. It was about how he had made his first million on the internet and how anyone of average intelligence could duplicate his success ( his method ). The implication and indeed the premise of the entire book was that regardless of your knowledge of internet marketing procedures, you would be able to somehow just follow along, do as I do and you will start to make money kind of thing. And yet strangely he was using terminology throughout, that was entirely alien to me.

That should have been a red flag right there!

But no, impetuous me finds his website ( which was bright and shiny ), and it seemed to be promising glory to anyone having the guts to go for it, and so I did.

I’ll spare you the awful details of this disaster, but suffice to say it was an agonizing experience from start to finish!

Please, there are no shortcuts when it comes to making a living on the web. You have to know what you are doing.

You have to be able to see the big picture and then do what’s necessary at every stage of your business’s development to ensure that your destination is always clearly in sight.

The longer you work at it, the easier it gets.

Keep adding content, promote it, rinse and repeat.

And one more thing, if the affiliate marketing road ahead is a little cloudy for you right now, then you owe it to yourself to head on over to Wealthy Affiliate, (the world’s largest affiliate marketing association) and take their entirely free 7 day intensive course.

Here’s what you can learn.


What Is The Big Picture, Of Affiliate Marketing


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  1. I was the same, with knowing enough to be dangerous. You can never stop learning in this industry, truly.
    Your description of shiny object syndrome made me laugh. I’ve been there, too. And had very similar results. Fortunately, I’ve been on WA lately and it seems to be an amazing site. Great article!

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