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The how and what of working online from home

The How And What Of Working From Home Online

According to statistics from  Global Workforce Analytics, “80 to 90% of the US workforce says they would like to telework at least part time”

It’s going to be a whole new thing for all of us.

I am the least technical person I know, so when I decided that I would build a website and become an affiliate marketer I anticipated a steep learning curve.

It did take a little time before I became comfortable with understanding all of the acronyms, what they represented, and how I should apply different procedures to my business.

But it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had anticipated.

In actuality, it took me a month or two before most of my fears melted away. So far, so good.

What did take me entirely by surprise however was the difficulty of adjusting to actually working from my home!


the how and what of working from home



The How And What Of Working From Home Online


The very thought of making a decent living from the comfort of home sounds like a wonderful idea, and it is, but in my experience the transition from a normal job can be confusing and despite its obvious advantages it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.




Sounds easy but disciplining yourself to work effectively in your own home, can in reality be somewhat difficult to achieve. It’s your home, you are surrounded by your own creature comforts, after all this is a space that you strongly associate with relaxation and if you have a tendency to procrastinate, It’s really easy to kick back and put things off.


Work Space


Not everyone has the luxury of an in-home office, where you can close the door and concentrate. But short of that it’s important, really important, that you dedicate a working space somewhere within your home. Could be anywhere you feel comfortable, (not the couch), just as long it’s a destination, where you will go everyday to carry out your work.




If you are not a naturally organized person (like me), and if you want to work from home, you will definitely have some adjustments to make.

If you were previously working in a structured environment, it would have had its own protocols and procedures, and you will now be starting with a blank slate. There will no longer be any supervision, advice or critiques, and no co-workers to lean on and occasionally commiserate with.


Write Down Your Long Term Objectives And Then Break Them Down Into Manageable Pieces.


Detailed long term goals naturally morphed into structured daily tasks for me. I had  a plan!

Plan your work, and work your plan has become my mantra, and although my right brain still dominates, (that will never change), it is now somewhat constrained.

I will always find more joy in creative tasks but I have also learned to more effectively compartmentalize my time. Working from home demands that!



learn to build a website





This may be the most important factor in making a work from home occupation a success.

Obviously you must grind out the work, but I for one, after trying various ways of working, which included regularly blowing off a day to do something else, and then pulling an all nighter to catch up, have established a daily routine that I have learned to stick to.

I get up at 7.00 and prepare myself for work just as I have always done. Shower, get dressed for work.

Shorts and a T shirt is OK,  (just not my PJ’s or bathrobe).  Breakfast, a short walk and then I turn on some music and have at it. I check my e mail at the beginning and end of my work sessions but never in between. (Well never say never!)

Same thing with social media. It is so easy for me to allow the internet to become a distraction but after a great deal of practice, the internet (outside of business related things) is now relegated to my down time.

if you can, turn the smart phone OFF. And unless you have a particular deadline for something, discipline yourself to work a specific number of hours and days every week and try not to deviate.

All of this was far more difficult to achieve than learning the actual technical intricacies of operating a website business, but now my work habits are ingrained and things are running smoothly.

Thanks to the internet, everything has changed, and setting up and operating an online business is way less expensive than doing so from an old fashioned brick and mortar. New business opportunities are everywhere and startup and running costs are negligible.


Here Is What It Cost Me To Set Myself Up.


My .com address was purchased for less than $20.00 and is renewable annually. I joined an affiliate marketing association (wealthy affiliate) who take care of hosting, security, monitoring, site speed, daily website backups and all of the necessary back office technical functions that I am blissfully ignorant of.

I can relax in the knowledge that my site is always operating optimally. That costs me $349.00 annually, a dollar a day, and would cover multiple websites.

(Many members operate several web business and Wealthy Affiliate covers you for up to 50 websites all for $329.00)




Down the line I may, or may not also invest in an e-mail auto responder service like AWeber or Mailchimp for an additional $200. And that’s it!

Compare that to traditional costs of setting up shop where rent, security deposits, insurance, not to mention advertising and staffing is a serious investment. No wonder then that modern business concepts are almost always internet centric, and that sets up a future when driving to the store will have become a thing of the past. It’s well on its way!

There are so many different ways that you can work from home courtesy of your internet connection. And even if you’re not ready yet to jump in with both feet and start your own thing there are plenty of at home customer service jobs available, and revealed via the magic of Google searches.

But if you want to do it for yourself and, learn how to work online at home, and build a solid business that will provide you with a significant passive income for years into the future? Then I would highly recommend your joining the largest affiliate marketing learning /hosting platform on the planet. They’ll skillfully guide you through your website building process ​and you’ll learn the essential elements of internet marketing.

I’m a premium member there but that’s not necessary to start.


You can Become a Wealthy Affiliate starter member for free and discover from the experts how money is made online  but be warned. This is addictive stuff!



Need anything? Drop me a line at

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4 Comment

  1. Hi Howard,

    The information you have provided is spot on. I have medical problems that is why I started to look for working on line.

    You really do have to have a good spot where it is quiet an organized. (which I have a problem there). The biggest problem for me was being accountable for my actions. Knowing there is no shiny object to push.

    Thank you for this post you have laid out just about everything one should know before going into affiliate marketing.


    1. Thanks Karen,

      Before I began affiliate marketing, I really had no idea of the challenges of working from home. There are temptations to goof off everywhere.

       Having your ducks in a row and disciplining yourself to stick to a routine is key.

      Things take time to gel but affiliate marketing will eventually reap rewards. Stay with it!

      I am here to help, if you have any other questions please feel free to send me an e-mail.

      Good luck to you,


  2. Hey Howard! This article is very useful especially for people like me who have just begun working from home. Truly, the first few months have been where I have felt a mix of emotions – I was happy to be working from home but was finding it hard to keep up. Dedicating a space solely for working is very important and then comes discipline and having a proper routine. Great article!

    1. Everyone seems to think that working from home would be a wonderful thing to do. Right. And, some think that It would be easy right off the bat.. wrong It’s a process.

      Thanks for commenting.


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