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The Best Jobs For Retirees

The Best Online Jobs For Retirees

Well, I guess it’s whatever your personal priorities are because the best online jobs for retirees are the ones that you would feel most comfortable and happy doing. It will all depend on how much time you are able to devote and how much money you might need to earn right away.

If making money immediately online is what you are looking for then there are various websites offering regular part-time jobs where you may be able to work from home and apply the skills that you have acquired during your regular working life. Think or craigslist.


Freelance Jobs.


Project-based freelance jobs that will allow you to work from your computer are many and various but serious income, unless you are outstanding in your field, is difficult to come by. If you are good at what you do you will eventually be able to make some regular money but only after establishing yourself and building a clientele. has a whole host of opportunities in many fields, graphics and design, freelance writing, (from writing resumes and cover letters to articles and blog posts) as well as a wide variety of business copy-writing. Fiverr’s categories even include voice-over work.

There are in fact over a hundred sub categories here, with fees starting at $5 per project. Certainly not much to start but that will gradually increase as you hone your skills. Anything worthwhile will take a little time and effort and freelance work in the age of the internet is no exception.

If your cash requirements are urgent you could try task rabbit. ( and although most of the jobs here are not computer related you would be able to make some money right away running errands, assembling furniture or performing a variety of home handyman/woman tasks on your schedule. No riches here I’m afraid but if you’re prepared to take on various projects it could be steady.

So, given that any online job will take time to make you an income, you may be best served by starting your own online business and in the time that it took you to master a part-time gig you may be able to start making some money of your very own.


Affiliate Marketing.


All you would need to start is a website and a great idea and by far the best and maybe the easiest way to accomplish this is by becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is essentially blogging and making some cash in the process.

Affiliates are individuals like you who are in the business of recommending products and or services to readers of their blogs. Bloggers, who in the context of a business rather than writing a blog for pure pleasure, are also sometimes known as content marketers, they write articles and produce informative content on specific topics and make it easy for their readers to purchase things from a vendor, (think Amazon) by embedding vendor links within the affiliate’s content. They click, go straight to the vendor’s page and if they actually purchase something the affiliate receives a commission.

Successful affiliate marketers have learned how to get significant traffic to their sites and they will often feature high up on the first page of the SERP’s (search engine results pages). You know yourself, that the internet is an impatient kind of a place and simply everyone is competing for your attention span.

When you ask Google a question it compares millions of recognized keywords in an attempt to provide you with the most relevant information. If your website’s article is not listed on the first page, or at the bare minimum within the first 3 pages then the resulting traffic will probably be very small.

GoogleGoogle, as well as Bing and Yahoo, have methods to automatically rank individual websites, as well as their individual content, and there are many and various methods that affiliate marketers employ, to ensure that their content gets noticed and appropriately ranked. It’s all part of SEO (search engine optimization) and it’s one of several disciplines that profitable affiliate marketing websites have mastered to garner attention and develop sales.

Make no mistake, affiliate or content marketers who are regularly profiting from their endeavors have learned the rules of the road. They have built their niche websites over time, and they regularly offer helpful content on topics related to their niche. A site with insufficient content is unlikely to get much attention from the search engines.

When it comes to rankings content is king and the more of it the better. Affiliates understand that and allied with appropriate usage of headline keywords, (words or phrases most often used to ask questions on the web) each new block of content has a decent shot at ranking high in the SERP’s and therefore attracting potential customers. Here is what successful website owners have done from the get-go to establish their businesses and start building traffic.


Finding The Right Niche.


A niche, as it relates to affiliate marketing, is a segment of an industry within which you would be pretty much exclusively writing about. Your overall intent here is to indirectly promote specific products or services to your readers.

The more specialized the niche, the more likely is the possibility of you being ranked, principally because you will have less competition. For example building, a website around electronics is too broad and you would almost certainly be eaten alive by much larger competition.

In illustrating that, you might limit your expertise here to Hi-Fidelity and then perhaps to Hi-Fi headphones. Personally, I am aware of several affiliate marketers who are making a great living just promoting headphones online via their articles and product reviews.

Break down your interests into segments and choose one.



Buy Yourself An Internet Address.


In other words your .com name. Choose it wisely because it will become your internet identity. It will cost you less than $20 and is renewable annually.


Build A Website.


Today, thanks to the broad use of website templates, building a site has never been easier. The really simple ones are as easy as filling in the blanks. Replacing the images and text with your own, you would start laying out the framework of your website. You can do this surprisingly quickly and it’s great fun.


Learn SEO.


SEO ProcessYou don’t actually need to understand the subtleties of SEO to get your great new website live and visible on the internet. That’s a separate process but at the same time, the people viewing it will probably be limited to family and members of your immediate social circle. That’s all well and good but unless you take a little time to understand how SEO works in the real world then your internet exposure will not grow. You could be the greatest writer in the world but if nobody reads your content?

There are many elements comprising SEO and search engines use complex algorithm’s to establish your website’s relevance in the big scheme of things. How often you add content to your site (deemed appropriate for your niche) is one, and how long an average reader actually remains on your site is another. Search engine optimization, once you have a grasp of it, will be of inestimable value to you in establishing your website.

Google SEO and you will discover an entirely new world but do not be discouraged by terms unfamiliar to you because much of the information here will have been written for seasoned marketers. There are also several beginner videos on the topic readily available on YouTube.

The website Wealthy Affiliate offers comprehensive lessons on the subject. This is the number one platform to learn affiliate marketing and you can take some beginner lessons for free. It’s an association of hundreds of thousands of marketers helping each other develop their respective website businesses.

You can check out my online review of Wealthy Affiliate for more detailed information. Sign up for some classes and you will be on your way!

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  1. Very clearly written. You breakdown Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and finding a niche very well. I think many retired people could benefit from affiliate marketing. For someone who just retired it can occupy their time and retirement won’t be a shock. They still stay busy, but it’s something they can do on their own time and work at their own pace. Thanks for sharing this informative post!

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