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Old Couple On Bench-Supplemental Income For Seniors

Supplemental Income For Seniors

It’s An Inconvenient Fact That The Majority Of  Retirees Do Not Have Enough Money Put Aside For Their Golden Years… 


Retired Couple-Supplemental Income For Seniors

And it’s also true that a significant number are unable, for various reasons, to seek a regular job. Aging means slowing down and taking things a little easier but financial pressures and the resulting stress of making ends meet can make all of that kind of difficult. Supplemental income for seniors is becoming increasingly necessary for many of us. Our need for additional money may be very real but sometimes we find ourselves trapped by our own circumstances when we are no longer able to effectively compete in the traditional job market. Before I retired I thought about this a lot.

 Let the Internet Make You Money.


The Open Road-Supplemental Income For SeniorsThe drive north on Florida’s turnpike from South to Central Florida is a reminder of what the entire peninsula must have looked like way back when.

I’ve taken this 4 hour journey many times and it’s actually rather contemplative. Native Cabbage Palms, Cattle, Egrets, Vultures and little else all the way to Orlando and short of perhaps a country or Christian station here and there, the radio just crackles so I turn it off and think.

It was on one of those trips that I concluded that the Internet would loom large during my impending retirement. I didn’t know how that  would manifest itself exactly but I knew that everyone, including myself were increasingly doing their shopping online. I wanted in but I just didn’t know how to go about it.  It was an idea that evolved slowly.

Don’t Believe The Scammers.


Pinochio-Supplemental Income For Seniors-Internet income for beginners can be a road littered with obstacles, some of which are intentionally laid by scammers promising everything but delivering little and leaving you with far more questions than answers. My own desire to learn lead me to websites that appeared authentic but their structure was designed for initial impact only. They’ll eagerly take your money and allow you to download often out of date video’s but that’s about it. Questions are discouraged. I was to be taken TWICE before I finally figured it out!

I had learned that for sure I would need my own web presence, a learning program designed to assist me through and beyond the establishment  of a website and all the while actually encouraging me to ask questions. That became my quest.

Do It For Yourself.


Armed only with a computer and a little guidance you really can control your own destiny. Millions across the world are doing just that. They are working on the internet from the comfort of their own home and receiving substantial compensation for their efforts. They are working as affiliates.

Affiliates are independent representatives with their own websites, promoting goods and services on behalf  of the companies that they represent.

They guide their website traffic to the seller and are paid a commission automatically whenever a purchase is made. It’s the new way of selling and your opportunities are as broad as your interests. Your niche, your area of expertise, could be absolutely anything at all. Find a company, a product or service that you appreciate and admire and then sell it online.


Discover An Organization Whose Mission Is Just That.


You can do all of  this with the set-up assistance of an online organization called Wealthy Affiliate. It is everything that others are not and indeed internet marketing for newbies including setting up your own website is entirely FREE. Just like anything else you could also join as a premium member here and maybe eventually you’ll want to do just that but initially you can practice all you want and learn how it’s done. for nothing, zip, zero.

Here is a link to my review for Wealthy Affiliate. It might just change your life.


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  1. Excellent article Howard. I’m going to share it on my Senior Directory Phoenix FB page as well as my personal page.

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