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New Career For Seniors, Make Extra Money On The Internet

New Career For Seniors, Make Extra Money On The Internet

A new career for seniors, of any age, is kind of daunting, but if you want to make extra money on the internet, then you may have some catching up to do.


I’m no longer a spring chicken myself, and when I started affiliate marketing about a year and a half ago, I knew nothing, about the inner workings of the internet, nada, zero, zilch!

I really wanted to participate in some way, and put my life experiences to work in the virtual world. Maybe get a website and sell something?

I was curious, but at the same time wondering if my total lack of any sort of IT experience might prevent me from getting very far, without calling for some probably expensive help.


New Career For Seniors, Make Extra Money On The Internet

I’ll be honest, and this goes for pretty much everyone who was born and raised in the 50s and sixties, it did present some challenges, but you know what?, older people can run an online business.

I’m living proof.

Here’s where I was a couple of years back. Turning the computer on and off, reading the news, maybe checking out Facebook a couple times, Googling stuff, paying bills. And I did use some business applications on a fairly regular basis but beyond that not much.

I knew the way around my own computers operating system though, (sort off)!

if your experience meets or exceeds this criteria, then you have all that is necessary to begin your own internet business. But, be warned it’s addictive.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money On The Web?


Actually there were a few things that I had already dismissed. And, for sure I didn’t want a virtual store, with a cart and credit card collection.

That’s e-commerce and dealing with yummy new bookkeeping responsibilities was not what I was after.

How To Become An Internet Marketer


I came down on the side of affiliate marketing for several reasons, not least of all because it seemed frankly less complicated to me.

I think of affiliate marketing as I would an independent rep carrying one or several lines and being paid commission on what he or she sells. Except no driving, no appointments, no handshakes, just me and the computer making it all happen.


New Career For Seniors, Make Extra Money On The Internet

Affiliate marketing, (or someone who is blogging for profit) is essentially a website business whose pages and posts contain links to third party vendors. Embedded within those links is code, establishing the fact that it was you who sent the prospective customer over, and if they buy something you will automatically be paid a prearranged commission per your affiliate agreement.

It’s your website so you can promote absolutely anything you want, provided that it is offering an affiliate program of course. But, you’re gonna need regular traffic (visitors) to your site, so you had better specialize in one particular subject matter, your niche if you will, and that’s the very 1st thing that you should be concerning yourself with.


What Would You Want Your Website To Be All About?​


Pick a field and stick with it. Use the skills and knowledge you developed in your working life, or pick something that you have a serious interest in.

Gardening, music, health, pets, fitness, automobiles? Whatever it is, dig deep within the subject and come up with something that will be less competitive.


Gardening> Garden Tools   New Career For Seniors, Make Extra Money On The Internet


Music> Guitars


Health> Weight Loss


etc, etc.


The more specialized your niche, the less competition you will encounter and the greater the likelihood that you will find like-minded souls looking online for the type of products that you are promoting.

The manner in which products are marketed has changed almost beyond recognition within the last 20 years, and of course it’s the internet that has influenced everything. Companies like Amazon market directly to consumers and go-betweens, like wholesalers, who traditionally were positioned to feed the retail trade are feeling the pinch.

Traditional shopping areas across America, and indeed the whole western world, are slowly disappearing, being replaced by restaurants, coffee shops and venues for recreation. Malls are half empty and anchors like department stores are in big trouble.

Retail will never disappear entirely because there are some things that cannot, (as yet) be replaced by remote digital shopping technology, but for the most part it’s dying.


New Career For Seniors, Make Extra Money On The Internet


Conversely, businesses practicing affiliate marketing are booming and hastening the inevitable demise of retail as we knew it.

A word to the wise, if you choose to enter the fray, and if you stick with it and learn everything you can, you will develop a healthy income from your efforts, but it is not something that will happen overnight.

Depending on your work ethic it will probably take from several months, to a year or two before you become an established and recognized authority in your field.

Gaining trust on the internet will take time, and differentiating yourself from get rich schemes and scams is what it’s all about.

Integrity is everything.

The really successful affiliate marketers in the world do not make false claims or overly exaggerate, that is not their job. Their function is to inform and offer practical solutions to others who are contemplating purchases but have not decided in which direction they should go

So, if you gave an opinion on various similar products within an interesting article, perhaps outlining the price, quality and function (pros and cons of each) but came down on the side of one particular entity as a clear winner, then the odds will be in your favor, that the consumer may visit the site of your vendor, and actually purchase something.

Now wouldn’t that be nice!

You can learn how to do this and set yourself up.

Building a website is not the complicated head scratching endeavor that it once was just a few years ago.

There will be a little jargon to get your head around but nothing out of the reach of an averagely intelligent person.

There is no requirement to understand programming or coding because nowadays you manipulate and change information within a site, copy, pictures and even video, using plain English. It’s really easy when you know how it’s done. Trust me, I would not be talking to you now if that were not the case.


Where, You Can Learn


By far and away the no 1 choice for learning affiliate marketing, professional blogging and internet commerce in general is a Canadian company called Wealthy affiliate. It has ongoing tuition for every level of expertise from raw beginners to seasoned veterans, and it actually offers an entirely free of charge 7 day course designed to acquaint newbies with the fundamentals. It will cover the selection of a profitable niche, explain how the money is made online and how you can develop traffic. The course also provides you with your own website (yours to keep) and it will patiently teach you how to professionally build it.


Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors


They also offer a paid premium membership for modest cost, but there is absolutely no obligation to go beyond the free course and you will never be asked to furnish a credit card.

You could spend months figuring out things by yourself, and with YouTube videos and Google searches, it is possible but why would you want to go it alone?

I have an online review of this outfit, that you can read here and it includes a sign up option at the bottom of the page. It’s as easy as that.

Passion and determination to succeed are all you will need to build an internet business at any age!

If you found this article interesting please leave a comment below, and for any other questions I am always available at​

To your success!

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