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make money online without money

Make Money Online Without Money

Dreamers dream and doers do, and never the twain shall meet, or do they?

Money makes money, right? Yes, but that only works if you have some to begin with.


But Today You Really Can Make Money Online Without Money Because Technology Has Made It So.


When I first moved to Florida in 1995 I remember hooking up my Apple 2C computer to a phone modem, and watched, fascinated as photos and images gradually appeared, line by line on the screen.

Loading a web page (AOL) took forever, but the audio announcement (you’ve got mail) was novel to me as nobody that I knew actually had a private email account at that time and although most of my messages were really just suggestions from AOL itself, it didn’t take away from the realisation that something incredible was happening in the field of human communications.

I had absolutely no idea how it all worked, shrouded in mystery as it was and produced in my imagination by lab coated genius’s somewhere who were heralding the birth of the world wide web.

It was ways too slow for me to consider the internet as a tool for increased productivity. I used my computer as a standalone for its calculating capabilities in spreadsheets and with a couple of databases.

None of us back then could have envisaged what was to come in the next 23 years, but within that time, computer science has evolved to the extent that we are now almost a cashless society. The US Postal service is a shadow of its former self because we don’t write letters or even send cheques anymore and the only thing they seem to deliver to my mailbox these days are local ads! make money online without money

In 2018, and as technology races on, there are more opportunities than ever before, for ordinary people to take advantage of the Internet of things, grab it by the horns, and bend it to your will.

For the first time in human history there is an internet super highway right there, literally at your fingertips, beckoning you to take a journey, And, you won’t need to leave your house.


Understanding How The Money Is Made On The Internet

make money online without money


Most of us tend to think simplistically when conjuring up a picture in our head of a person out there somewhere with a website and making a living working from their laptop computer. Perhaps they have an online store, here it is, pay for it with a credit card, and UPS will deliver it to your door lickedy split. That’s categorized as E-Commerce, an exchange of monies for goods or services rendered.

We’ve been doing that for centuries, it’s just that now, instead of physical samples, we have digital images in our virtual shop, and our suppliers are taking the load off by delivering the actual product directly to our customers. No inventory, no premises no rent, no commute. What’s not to like about that?

But, it’s still an old way of doing things in the sense that you would be still buying and selling things, dealing with customers, and involving yourself in returns, not to mention the bookkeeping chores just as you would have done with a real brick and mortar store. Your local competition won’t be Macy’s and the mall anymore, more likely it’ll be Amazon so your offerings had better be something that they don’t have. Different sorts of challenges.

Modern marketing is slowly morphing into direct marketing, and where once there were a slew of intermediaries, company reps, wholesalers, and retailers stocking product on behalf of a supplier, vendors today are increasingly doing it for themselves and selling directly to the end user.

But they have help from modern entrepreneurs who are the replacements for parts of the old supply chain.


Collectively, They Are Known As Affiliate Marketers


make money online without money


As a group they are as diverse as it is possible to be and their knowledge of a particular individual subject matter, (their niche) allows them to make recommendations on new products and services. For example, a consumer out there may be considering a purchase of a specific product, maybe a household appliance, but they have not decided on a particular brand of microwave or coffee maker. In steps the affiliate marketer.

Prospective customer Googles “best coffee makers” and up pops an affiliate marketing website comparing apples to apples, Pros, Cons and maybe best choice. They place a link within their copy, allowing visitors to connect directly with the vendor and if a customer finally buys that coffee maker, then the affiliate is rewarded with a commission.

That very basically is affiliate marketing. It’s the way things are going and as more and more suppliers offer affiliate programs, the more demand there is for new affiliates to join the ranks and you won’t be needing much in the way of money to get started.

In fact all you will really need is an idea and a website.

Back in 1995 the very notion that an average Joe could set up and run a money producing website would have been somewhat laughable. Obviously the technology was not quite in place back then and America was only starting to bring broadband to households, but the number one obstacle would have been that with no IT experience there would have been no possibility for you to be able to build your own website by yourself in the first place, and for those precious few who knew the necessary gobbledygook, it would have taken them weeks to build even a small site.


We Have Come A Long Way Baby


make money online without money


You only have to turn on the TV to see all the companies currently offering to build you a good-looking website for free. Literally there are tens of thousands of website making templates to choose from, some entirely free and others for a modest cost. You do not need to know how to code anymore!

Actually setting up a great looking site is possibly the easiest aspect of affiliate marketing.

Although there’s other stuff to learn before you can begin to make money online it’s all conducted now in everyday English, everything. It’s for everyone, and if you follow my advice you can start for free, website, hosting, and all … Free.

Let’s face it, like anything else in life, starting something new, from scratch as it were, requires your energy, your discipline and most of all it requires your precious time.

Never invest in any scheme or program promising to set you up with an online business, in an exchange for money, without having the opportunity to evaluate it first, in real time.

For all sorts of reasons you may not be able to continue to pursue affiliate marketing, or maybe you discover that it’s not what you want to do after all. That’s unlikely, but to have paid for the privilege is something you could have avoided.

Properly setting up and operating an affiliate marketing business will require some training and there are specific tasks that you will have to do, including the selection of a niche for your business, and there is free help out there for that too.

The number one place to go for help in establishing a website business of this type would be Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is based in Canada, and its founders Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun started the business back in 2005. Originally it existed as basically a keyword finder but the company has grown over the years into the premiere affiliate learning and hosting platform that it is today. It’s developed into the largest affiliate marketing association on the planet, it has a roster of approaching one million professional marketers of all stripes, and most of the luminaries of affiliate marketing worldwide are members here.

Pretty much all of them started their businesses and built their first sites and had them hosted free of charge on Wealthy Affiliates siterubix platform, before moving on to a premium membership.

With a premium membership Wealthy Affiliate will host up to 50 websites (Fifty), and should you have any it’s really easy to transfer your current domains over.

But that’s not where you would start. Start with the free program, and if nothing else you will have learned the right way to set up a site, how to write effective copy and receive a general schooling in the rules and regulations of the industry.

There is nothing else quite like Wealthy Affiliate for getting you up to speed quickly and they won’t overload you with science and jargon in the process. You learn at your own pace and in an orderly manner via online classrooms and video presentations.


Here Is A Screenshot Of The Free Affiliate Training.


make money online without money


You may feel, or not, that you would like to also participate in advanced training and thereby become a premium member. My annual paid membership costs me $29.00 a month and it’s been worth its weight in gold!

I have an online review of Wealthy Affiliate, you can check it out here and even sign up from that page if you are so inclined.

It may just set you on a new course!

If you found this article interesting, I encourage you to leave a comment below, and if you have any questions on starting an affiliate marketing business you can always reach me at

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14 Comment

  1. Hi Howard! Things really have changed since 1995. I’ve been dabbling in the internet for so long and haven’t gotten much except some Amazon books. That became too competitive and I kept searching because I knew there had to be a golden nugget out there somewhere 🙂
    I found Wealthy Affiliate and it is truly an amazing program. More and more people should know about it. Keep spreading the word! How long before you went premium? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for commenting Rob.

      I saw the opportunities that Wealthy Affiliate presented, pretty much right away. Actually ent Premium after about 2 days, and have never regretted it. It’s a remarkable program!

  2. Appreciate the article. I think making money online is the ultimate freedom you can get. You can work from anywhere, make money from anywhere and you can do whatever you want as well. I appreciate you bring Wealthy Affiliate to our attention, but have you tried any other programs as well? I mean this sounds like a good program, but I’m just curious to know about others programs. Because we’ve come a long way away from 1995, surely there is a way to do it without any program and just by creating a website ourselves?

  3. Hi and thanks for the great review of what affiliate marketing is and how you rightly point out that with the right platform we can do do this and earn money. Unfortunately there are too many scam sites promising instant gratification. It takes hard work and consistent action to become successful at affiliate marketing. Thanks again for the review and showing your visitors a truly unique platform for value of content. Kenny

  4. That is an interesting concept because ask anybody and they’ll tell you, you need to spend money to make money. I think in some sense that is right but what you are talking about here is quite different. With affiliate marketing such as at Wealthy Affiliate you can learn and put into practice the exact tools and mechanisms needed for a successful online business.

    I think that the advances in technology have made way for those truly seeking financial control, stability or freedom to achieve that in the online world.

    1. Hi Renton:

      I equate money with time, and although I haven’t actually spent money advertising my businesses existance. I have certainly put in the time to learn how to do it the right way, and I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for that. I may or may not choose to add paid advertsing in the future, but when starting out baby steps are best and in my opinion that should not include spending money unnecessarily.

      Thanks for commenting,

  5. I love your recap of back in the day when AOL was first born. I remember that! I was actually 15 when the internet, AOL and everything just “came out” – and gosh it was soo slow back then. The processing of connecting to the internet was a goofy one, there was this familiar tune that I will never forget, the “dial up” tune – we have come a long, long way since then. I would say that if you want to be taken seriously within internet marketing, go with Wealthy Affiliate, the 24/7 support is worth it because any questions or problems, you will have it taken care of. 

    1. Thanks for the comment Sophia, and you are correct. No question , however trivial, ever goes unanswered at Wealthy Affiliate. The 24/7 help is just one of the many advantages of becoming a member!

  6. Hello dear, I am very glad to read your article. I try to read different types of digital marketing related article always. Today I am surfing to read about how to make money online and I found your one. I got some new idea from your content. I think it will help me a lot. Thank you so much for your awesome article. Keep covering this type of valuable content more.

  7. i am amazed the way you just simplified this topic.
    i have been searching for legit ways to make money online for a long time.

    i shall subscribe to your newsletter immediately.

    thank you.

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