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Are you of an age  when you start to think seriously about when you might be able to retire and maybe take things easy?

But if you are like the majority, without a substantial pension, and/or a comfortable investment portfolio, the likelihood is that you don’t have enough put by. And as reality bites you begin to understand that you will need to make money after retiring.


You’re not alone, quoting from a report by CNBC  Older workers who can see retirement on the horizon aren’t prepared for it”

And this from the Economic Policy Institute

“The median savings of families aged 56 to 61 sits at $17,000


2018 Marks The Year That We Begin To Take Out More From Social Security Than We Put In


According to a recently published article published on May 31st this year by the financial website, The Motley Fool, the U.S. Social Security system is in deep financial trouble, while the number of retired people relying heavily on its monthly payment is increasing as never before.

As boomers age, it will, in the not too distant future, become a huge problem for society at large. The 60s generation, are now starting to retire at the rate of 10,000 every single day.( Forbes) And insufficient medical insurance coverage is going to create big problems and massive challenges for the healthcare system.

It’s inevitable that starting next year, health insurance premiums will begin to rise dramatically.


Don’t Get Caught In The Net!


fishing net

If you acted now and put in a little time you really could provide yourself with a legitimate residual online income that would be able to take care of all those unexpected expenses that life throws at us. Best of all you would be able do this from the comfort of home, seated at your computer. Thanks to the internet you CAN make money when you are retired

“But I Don’t Know Enough About How The Internet Works?”

I know that I should really continue to work, at least in some part time fashion, and although the idea of supplementing my  income by working from home may have crossed my mind from time to time, I believe that my lack of IT knowledge will prevent me from creating a successful website business from my computer.

Says Who?


It’s true that as we age we cannot process and understand new technologies as we may have been able to have done in our prime, and the internet with all its distractions, can be a frustrating experience.

Personally I own two computers, a tablet and an Iphone. On my Apple TV I have Netflix and Amazon with movies and shows galore. Yet sometimes I yearn for simpler times, like just  looking forward to what may be on TV tonight, but that doesn’t much matter anymore because now you can catch pretty much anything online.

The world of technology is changing around us, seemingly on a daily basis, and we really can’t afford to remain stuck in our ways. We must keep up or risk being left behind and becoming irrelevant.  And despite quite normal insecurities and reservations about our perceived computing skills. Understand that you can make the internet your friend and… Yes, yes you can, make money when you are retire!

We can run an online business, make a decent living from it, and today, ironically because of technology itself, we no longer need a prior knowledge of code, or frankly any IT expertise at all!


A Great, Home Business For Retirees, And WordPress Has Made It All Possible


home business


Thanks to  WordPress, the formulation and the maintenance of web sites is now undertaken in simple easy to understand English. The small business owners of these sites are now able to operate their businesses without the aid, (and cost) of hiring any outside technical help. It’s come that far!

From the WordPress dashboard you control your site like a maestro. You can write a new article, add photographs and video,and publish to the web in real time.


Technology In This Area Has Become So Advanced That It Just Doesn’t Really Look Like Technology Anymore.


No jargon or technobabble, just you getting where you want to go. The look, the feel and the pulse of your website is entirely in your hands.

It won’t be a suggested design from a web developer, because you would no longer need one.

it will be your own, molded and personalized by you, and selected from one of the many thousands of available WordPress website templates, that you will be able to tweak to suit your purposes

Today anyone can profit from these advancements and finally harness their years of life experience and make some decent money in the process. No geekiness required, now you can concentrate solely on building a business and have great fun doing it!


Learn To Become An Affiliate Marketer





Affiliate marketing is a fun way to make some substantial money by recommending products or services online, many of them household names. It’s a great home business for retirees


Learn To Build A Website From The Ground Up


You will need your own site to effectively operate as an affiliate marketer. Start up costs are negligible

If you take a course or two, you will discover that affiliate marketing, along with internet marketing in general is trending way up with earnings now measured in billions of dollars.

This is also a global phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing down. UK statistics alone indicate that affiliate marketing in Great Britain has already overtaken agriculture as a percentage of GDP.

Most, although not all, affiliate marketers are bloggers. They like to express themselves.

Usually their respective websites are based around things that they feel confident in having opinions about. A lot of them have converted their hobbies into cash cows. Many make 6 figures and some a lot more. Over time they have developed readership, often worldwide.


How It Works


Within a post, affiliate marketers embed links allowing readers to have direct access to the  service provider or merchant. If the reader actually makes a purchase then the merchant automatically reimburses the affiliate with a commission.


Understanding The Importance Of  SEO




Obviously there are procedures and best practises to follow when presenting yourself to the world, particularly concerning SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Even a scant knowledge of SEO, will allow you to write and publish  your copy in a manner that the search engines will be able to correctly evaluate when your site is periodically scanned. Understanding, and properly applying these disciplines, will dramatically increase your rankings in the search engine world, and your posts, (together with all of those affiliate links) will feature prominently within searches.


Write Your Own Product Reviews


You really can make some decent and potentially serious money by recommending products and services online

As online shopping becomes the norm, we sacrifice the possibility to physically see, touch, hear, or even smell what we are buying. The thumbnail on the page looks great, and we know that we can return it but it’s not the same thing as a visit to the store. That’s where reviews come in. They put people’s mind at rest and page links make it easy for them to order.

An affiliate marketers product reviews take away those insecurities and allow us all to buy with greater confidence. It’s a win- win for everyone and a wonderful online business for seniors.


How You Can Start


Take a free course In affiliate marketing hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, That’s how I started and it really opened my eyes to the possibilities of providing myself an extra paycheck every month.

They will even show you brick by brick, how to build your own website, and then they will host it live online for you, all entirely free. There really is no catch to this and they won’t ask you for a credit card.

In common with many legitimate and helpful businesses operating on the web they offer a free as well as a premium membership. If you are serious about building a substantial passive income you will probably eventually opt for the premium edition, but it’s not needed to start.


What you will learn


Affiliate Learning



Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials


You Can Turn Your Retirement Dreams Into Reality. Ready To Begin? 



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