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Learn and make money online

Learn and make money online



“If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you always got”


To an individual living in abject poverty every single cent is counted, and being poor takes up all of their time. Their happiness is in occasionally overcoming their circumstances, because changing them is incredibly difficult.

To those in near poverty, depending upon their age, means that there may be a way out because they are actually surviving although precariously.  They have enough for food and shelter but certainly there is nothing left over when the bills are tallied.

For America’s poor it’s a hard scrabbled existence any way you look at it. Paycheck to paycheck and remarkably nearly half of all Americans are categorized this way.  CBS News  Some are disabled, some are old, but all are in need of some kind of help, or at least encouragement to believe that there is hope that they may be able to change their circumstances, some way some how?

Learn and make money online


Learn and make money online


Money makes money

It’s estimated that in the age of the internet there are trillions of dollars flying around the planet at any given time.   BBC News. Some of these are simple transactions, investments for some, and profit for others, and then there is the money itself, out there in hyperspace, looking for an opportunity to grow and multiply.


Latch on to some


What are you good at, what do you love doing?  Because helping yourself out of the pit will depend on it. Nobody else will do it for you and you’re going to need all of your energy and determination, but there is a way out.


Climbing out


Recognize your strengths and use them to help you.Work at them, believe in them, luxuriate in them, They make you happy.  … SELL THEM!


Nothing happens until something is sold

And if you don’t believe that, then sorry to say, that short of winning the lottery, you’re gonna be stuck with just trying to make the ends meet.


Join the new global workforce


Learn and make money online

Millions of people just like you, without prior knowledge of internet business protocols and procedures, have transformed their lives with an online business. They love opening their laptops and going to work everyday.

To them work is not a chore, not something to perform, while waiting to get back home.

Rather It’s a joy and a passion, and as a by-product, and wouldn’t you just know it,  the money shows up.

That’s not to say that they were not working for money, because ultimately we all need some, but those who end up making it and bringing abundance into their lives, recognize that it’s their work, in and of itself, that is joyful That’s attractive. It’s the journey, not the destination.


As an owner of a web based business, the potential for a world-wide audience is enormous.

3.5 billion internet users and growing and every single one of them buys stuff. Just like the rest of us they’re online clickers. If they click on your page they just may end up buying something.

Thanks to an online tool, provided free by Google to website owners (Google Analytics), ordinary people are now able to take advantage of a great deal of data.

They are now able to understand the behavior of visitors to their site. They know what post it was that brought them to their site, and if the visitors stayed a while they know the time they spent with them and even which page they exited from.

So they are able to benefit from real undeniable statistics. This means that as an individual, you now have free access to invaluable information about your consumer’s Information that previously was only available via focus groups and to those with the pockets deep enough to afford them.

Now you can get the word out, and gauge consumer reaction for free. And,In addition to that, focus groups only measure people’s opinions. The new marketer also has real facts to guide him or her.

In other words now “everyman” can actually dare to compete with the big boys. May not be forever but right now that’s the way it is. It’s unprecedented.


What you can sell


Absolutely anything that you have knowledge of and perhaps a fascination for, and continuing curiosity about, you can sell on the internet.  And I do mean anything!

This is the new reality, and it’s also the prism through which curious and hungry would be entrepreneurs should be looking.

You could right now, start your own speciality business and do it all online from your favorite chair. You wouldn’t  need inventory, or complicated bookkeeping, or even drop shipping.

There would be no need to schmooze or build relationships the old fashioned way.

Just fashion your hobbies and likes into an opinion based website and they will eventually find you and then handsomely recompense you for having an opinion about their merchandise.

For a complete beginner the internet can be a scary place, and as we know it’s often filled with biased and inaccurate information, but we’re gradually easing our way out of the horse and buggy, snake oil salesmen stage of the internet’s development.

We’re into the equivalent of the steam age now. The internet’s very own industrial revolution.

Fortunes have already been made, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg. It’s the opportunity for everyone to participate that is so exciting.

And this is what most people don’t realise.


You do not need to pay someone to teach you how to do it

I’m certainly not knocking ethical teaching platforms on internet marketing that can be found online. I would go further and say that if you have a few extra bucks a month, they would be very helpful in accelerating your learning. This would be my number one recommendation.



But to begin, no matter what you may have previously read, you merely need to take a free course that will explain to you the fundamentals of selling on the internet.

You need to understand, and believe that it is possible to start an online business for nothing, Zip.

The internet carpetbaggers would prefer that you remain ignorant, and instead they will offer quick riches (for a fee).

If you wanted to invest your time, instead of your money, you should learn what you are in for, don’t you think? Like…


  • Just exactly how can I make money on the web?
  • Where can I get free help in building my website?
  • How do I know that my niche would be profitable?
  • How will I get traffic?
  • How do I find vendors to represent?


Here’s what you should do. Click on this link and sign up for a free affiliate marketing course. All you will need is your email address. No credit card required.


Once you have chosen your niche and set up your site you can begin. You will be live on the web.

If you have any questions please email I’ll get right back to you!

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