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Is The Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam Or What?


I would go as far as to say that most everyone has given a passing thought about how nice it might be to own a money producing website. Preferably one that pumps out large amounts of cash on a regular basis.

One that once cleverly set up, would run autonomously.

Your own ATM if you will.

Of course you wouldn’t mind doing the work to create this magical page, even lots of work. But in the end what you really wanted was a passive income.

A ”set it and forget it” kind of thing.



Wealthy Affiliate University



The world wide web is littered with countless thousands of claims because the human condition is such that we want to believe them to be true. That it’s possible to somehow follow along with what in the end turns out to be a hair brained scheme, whose inventors may or not be making money from.

But, if they are, then the likelihood is that the money is coming from the pockets of gullible subscribers rather than from the efficacy of the “scheme” itself.

The myth of easy internet money is just that, a myth. And if anyone attempts to tell you otherwise, be really suspicious and whatever you do, do not give them any money!


Is The Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam Or What?

The term university implies a higher place of learning where you can earn nationally and internationally recognized degrees in various subjects.

In America that’s usually at least 4 years of study after which you traditionally embark on your newly chosen professional career. Wealthy Affiliate is not like that but IT’S DEFINITELY NOT A SCAM!


Wealthy Affiliate Is 100% Legit And Here’s Why

It is not a scheme or a method in any sense because no claims will ever be made that you will be able to make large sums of money in a short period of time.

It’s a learning tool, which if you study and apply all of its lessons, you will be in a position to make your mark in the affiliate marketing universe.





Knowledge Is Power

Wealthy Affiliate, sometimes referred to as a university, is actually a very user friendly online platform that serves a dual purpose for first learning and subsequently operating one or more profitable website businesses, all from one place.

Its membership roster (approaching one million) includes many major players in the industry operating affiliate marketing websites within many and various business niches.


How It Works

In common with many legitimate resources online, (as in music streaming services for example) Wealthy Affiliate offers two levels of membership to access their platform, basic, and premium.

The basic membership is entirely free and mercifully you will never be asked for a credit card, until and unless of course, you wish to become a premium member.

The basic membership explains in detail how affiliate marketing works in the real world and the opening 30 minute video presentation describes how to negotiate the site and get yourself comfortable with how everything works.

Remarkably, you will also be provided, again entirely free of charge, with your own website, hosted live online, together with step by step instructions showing you how to populate it with lots of content and graphics. Your journey begins.


Here Is A Glimpse Of  What You Learn For Free


Make no mistake, affiliate marketing, once understood, gives absolutely everyone the opportunity to sell online without the restrictions, and the costs of inventory, shipping, returns, and elaborate bookkeeping.

You use your vendor for all of that and you merely act as an intermediary, recommending products and services to a global audience. When your reader actually purchases something from the vendor you are paid a commission.

There are hundreds of thousands of genuine affiliate programs out there for you to tap into in every field of endeavour from basic stuff all the way through to ultra luxury.

Doesn’t matter what niche you eventually choose, with billions of people surfing worldwide, your specialty will meet with a very receptive audience.

You have to reach them of course but that’s the simplicity of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It teaches you how to do that!


The Job Of An Affiliate Marketer Is To Become A Helpful Resource For Individuals Looking For Answers Online.



Wealthy Affiliate University


The internet can be a confusing place where attention spans are small.

When somebody lands on your site, and if they don’t see, or perceive that a possible solution to their problem is contained within, they will leave your page to continue surfing, most likely to never return.

Helpful information should be intrinsic to every single page and post on your website.

Your readership is not necessarily looking for a quick fix, but they do want clarification and a resolution.

Provide it and you will be rewarded. Ignore that rule and your site will likely remain undiscovered in hyperspace. Perhaps lovely but also alone and ignored.

The Wealthy Affiliate University, far from being a scam, is really the perfect place for aspiring online business owners to get their start and as any member will attest to, the help function is phenomenal.

Learning any new discipline inevitably means that you will be asking copious questions and here they are NEVER ignored. Within the basic membership there is a vast library of video tuition covering the logistics and how-to on every conceivable subject, and the premium membership offers live personal help 24/7. It’s unmatched in the industry.

Karl Marx famously said that religion is the opiate of the masses and perhaps back then it was. But today, in the 21st Century, it is undoubtedly the internet that holds our undivided attention, and the internet, in so many ways is still in its infancy. Establishing yourself now with your own niche business will bring future rewards. You could  really start making the world your oyster.

You can begin your journey right now by clicking below. Start building the future.



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  1. Hi there Howard,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this detailed and informative article about Wealthy Affiliate University. It is appreciated, thanks.

    The training that you have mentioned does seem to very in depth and detailed but how easy or difficult is it for a complete newbie to follow?

    Also, if you dont mind my asking, are there any upsells or any other “tools of the trade” required once signing up for the training?

    1. Hi Derek,

      A short answer would be, it depends on just how internet savvy you might be.

       Obviously someone who is somewhat experienced with internet terminology, will be able to get off and running with affiliate marketing fairly quickly. But, absolutely anybody who can operate a computer can follow this program.

      Glad that you mentioned upsells. Wealthy Affiliate premium membership, which I renew on an annual basis, costs me me about a dollar a day which covers all of my needs. Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much alone in the upsell department. There are none!

      Thanks for commenting and If I can help you with anything else please send me an e-mail. I’ll get back to you promptly.


  2. Hi, Howard, I am a part of this Wealthy Affiliate community and I have to say it has changed the way I produce my articles as well as create my websites. Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate program that I have ever come across. Not only that but you have all the tools you need to succeed in the online space. So when people are doing their research on getting paid to blog, or creating a website for branding or even just to learn how to market a business this is the place to go! you have all the information you need right here.

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