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https pinterest-an affiliates dream site?

https pinterest-an affiliates dream site?

I know of an individual, an affiliate marketer, who has experienced a remarkable growth in traffic to her website by joining Pinterest and establishing a business account.

Remarkably, at least to me, the growth in traffic to her site has been nothing less than meteoric.

Over a 7 month period she has seen 200,000 views on her Pinterest boards and that has resulted in significant new traffic to her site. I had to take a look!

Just in case that you don’t know what it is?


https pinterest


It’s a website where members are able to set up their own virtual notice boards, on which they can pin snippets of discoveries found within the Pinterest community.

And Pinterest for business allows website owners to participate, and promote their own products and services, just like they might do at a physical notice board in their favorite coffee shop.

Pinterest was started in 2010, and initially it was thought of as recipe central but my how it has grown.

The following statistics, ( courtesy of Omnicore) are illuminating.


A Powerful Platform


81% of active users are female

  • Monthly active users 175 million
  • Number of boards          1 billion
  • Number of pins             50 billion
  • Median age                   40

Average time spent per visit   14.2 minutes


Pinterest Now Encompasses Every Imaginable Topic


Members can, and often do, make several virtual boards, where they pin items related to different topics of interest, things that they discovered by browsing other members boards within the community.

These boards and the items pinned on them have a reach of nearly 200 million souls out there in Pinterest land and a lot of them are looking for solutions .


Mining For Traffic


It’s something that every affiliate marketer should be engaged in, because It’s simply not enough to just put out another article or review and release it to hyperspace in the hope that it might be picked up by the search engines.

You have to give it a little push.

Pinterest is really a voyage of discovery, it’s serendipity.

The unexpected is what it’s all about and although it’s generally thought of as a social media platform, it’s also somewhat of a visual search engine.

In affiliate marketing, unless you advertise for traffic, you are pretty much dependent on your search engine rankings to provide it.

The ultimate goal of an affiliate is to have as many of their articles and reviews as possible displayed on the 1st page of a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search and to accomplish that you have to do several things.

Frequently publishing relevant and helpful content is the big one, and understanding at least the basics of SEO is another, but search engine rankings are also influenced by the overall number of visitors to your site and how long they stay there before leaving, so by providing the kind of pre-qualified traffic that you can get from a site like Pinterest is invaluable.


Pinterest Is A Visual Medium

I have illustrated that with screenshots of typical pins found on the site. I made these for myself yesterday using Canva templates.



As you can see the pins are mostly teasers prompting you to read further information, which more often than not will eventually lead an interested party to a website.

Pins should be intriguing enough for interested people to want to read read more. It becomes a kind of pre-screening for qualified traffic to your site, and more traffic will exponentially increase your search engine rankings. And that’s what it’s all about.

Becoming a recognized authority source within your niche and amplifying your message with social sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, are a vital part of the marketing mix.

There was a time, before the internet, when it was possible to pursue a career (depending on what you were doing), with minimal social interaction. But today that’s really no longer possible.


Everyone Lives Their Lives Online Now


https pinterest


They seem self absorbed constantly staring at their smartphones, and in a sense they are,  but look beyond that, and what they are actually doing is socializing online. Social media has totally changed everything.

Retail brick and mortar is doomed and nobody that I know pays regular visits to the mall anymore. They can see what they want on Amazon. It’s usually cheaper,  it arrives the next day and if they hate it they can send it right back.

But the internet’s intervention into our shopping habits doesn’t stop there.

We can only see images and descriptions of products when we shop  online. We can’t indulge all of our senses, can’t pick them up, feel their heft, can’t smell them or see them as they really are, away from the lense of a camera’s perfect shot. So we tend to buy on recommendation and that’s where social media plays a role.

A few years ago, and to assuage our insecurities about buying something substantial alone, we may have had a friend tag along because we respected their opinion.

With the internet it’s just you, you have read the Amazon reviews and it seems like it might be perfect, and yet we do still reach out to our shopping buddies via social media. Now  everyone is involved it’s even better!

I belong to an association of affiliate marketers and in fact that’s where I got the information on the effectiveness of Pinterest for business.

If you are considering some form of internet marketing as a career, or even if you have been at it for a while, my advice to you would be not to go it alone.

You can learn only so much from YouTube videos and the occasional instructional article.

What you won’t get, is the opportunity to ask questions when you’re stuck on something late at night.


https pinterest- an affiliates dream?

Which is why my only choice for instruction, guidance and help 24/7 from affiliate marketers across the planet, is Wealthy Affiliate.

And right now they are offering a 7 day entirely free course lesson on affiliate marketing.

Worth its weight in gold and you can check it out right here.

https pinterest


Need anything?  Leave me a comment or you can always reach me at

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