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How To Write An Article For A Blog

How To Write An Article For A Blog

Millions of Individuals across the globe are now blogging online. Some are doing it purely for pleasure and others are using their blogs as a means to assist them to make money online

The latter are carefully constructed to hold the attention of readers, who might otherwise find themselves drifting away, continuing to surf the web, still pursuing answers to their questions.

You could be the best writer in the world but you probably don’t know how to write a blog and make money.

Unless you are already known and respected, perhaps as a journalist for a major publication, your excellent prose will probably, for the most part, remain unread.

How To Write An Article For A Blog

The simple reason for this is that the actual concept of the professional blog post itself is not to entertain, or talk about your life experiences and opinions, It is to assist people online in providing solutions to problems.

Today we are literally bombarded with messaging online from people, and companies who in one way or another are trying to get us to buy stuff.

It’s the way of the world and getting noticed can be difficult unless your blog is laid out in a specific manner and directly addresses the readers concerns.


How To Write An Article For A Blog


Help Somebody Out!


Imagine asking a question of Google, perhaps a health concern you might have with a pet dog and you arrive at a website purporting to be experts on that particular breed.

Google, or frankly any search engine won’t necessarily direct you to their home page, you’ll almost certainly land on an individual article post, who’s keyword title was recognized by the algorithm and automatically suggested to you as a possible answer to your question.


The 8 Second Attention Span


An 8 second scan on your post, according to microsoft, is the average time that you as a blogger are likely to receive from a new reader. And, unless that post directly addresses their issue from the outset and it’s clear to them that it may be worthwhile to continue to read, then they’ll immediately be on to the next on the results page. You do it, and I do it.


Addressing The Question


Put yourself in their shoes, They don’t know you and an opening diatribe on a post about how your own life is going will be met with a yawn. They don’t care!

And that’s why, however an accomplished writer you may be, that there are generally recognized rules when it comes to writing blogs for profit and some of the writing disciplines that you may have always previously adhered to don’t really apply to bloggers and affiliate marketers.

They’re basically looking for something that it easy to read with lots of  two or three line paragraphs popping off the page, ultimately leading to practical, and affordable solutions.

Affiliate marketing, which essentially is blogging to earn an income, can be a remarkably profitable way of making money online. But… In order to achieve that you must really stand out from the crowd and it begins with integrity. That really has to shine through.

Double check your facts, and where appropriate always provide links on your post. Links that will authenticate.

I have seen many websites offering too much and too good to be true, and that’s not good.

A savvy consumer knows better and perceives the information as suspect. Next!

There really are no shortcuts when preparing a blog post the right way. A less ethical website often may have the belief system, “that there is a mug out there somewhere” and then they are stuck in that space because the majority of us will see right through it.

They may, or may not make a few bucks here and there, but you can’t possibly expect to grow a business unless you can garner the people’s trust.


The Anatomy Of A Perfect Blog Post


By doing as much research as you can has more than one benefit. Fully understanding your subject matter by perusing existing articles on the subject not only gives you authority, but for me at least it almost always provides an entirely different point of view and therefore becomes the substance of a brand new article.


Don’t talk down to your audience!


An effective affiliate understands their target market, who they are, what their concerns are, and they can then predict with some accuracy, what online questions a potential customer is likely to ask of a search engine.


Just because you believe that you might have answers, it’s important that you are aware of your tone because it’s all too easy to preach to the uninitiated.


How To Write An Article For A Blog


Resist that temptation, the last impression you want to leave with a prospective customer is that they found it full of helpful content delivered in a friendly unbiased manner.

They won’t like it if your tone is insisting that they act in a certain way.

You may be convinced that you are absolutely correct in your assertions, but don’t get preachy. Give them alternatives and come down on one as your recommendation. If they trust you they are far more likely to act on your suggestions.

Liking your manner, as well as your content will go a long way to securing them as a customer.


Writing The Post With SEO In Mind


If you believe that you may benefit from a deeper understanding of how SEO really works then it may help you if you head on over to my number one pick for learning affiliate marketing.




Keep the post strictly relevant to your niche, where possible repeat your title keyword within the first 100 words and liberally sprinkle your article or review with other keyword phrases pertinent to your message.

Make it flow, don’t just insert keywords because you believe that the algorithm will pick them up.

If they don’t make sense within a sentence, then that will be picked up also and the result will be the likelihood of you not being ranked at all.


Becoming an authority within your niche is what you are aiming for and every single post that you write should reflect that.


Choosing a great niche, building a responsive web site, publishing new content regularly and paying close attention to SEO will be the mainstays of your business.

Getting your ducks in a row now by completing an affiliate certification course could make the difference between success and failure.

The No 1 affiliate learning community in the world is Wealthy Affiliate and you can check out their free membership here.

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4 Comment

  1. Thanks so much for your informative post which has opened my eyes on a number of things.
    You explained in a clear way that the purpose of a blog is to help people find solutions to their problems.
    I also have a blog. After reading your post, I can see now my weak areas.
    I am keen to work on preserving the integrity of my blog. Also, the authenticity of information I write in my articles.
    So, from now going forward, I will double check my facts and apply all the hints and tips you have given.

  2. Hey Howard:

    I do agree with the points you make in this post. It really does come down to providing useful information that is easily digestible and not too preachy or otherwise yawn-inducing.

    I’m still trying to find a proper voice in my website, I think. As you say, it requires a different discipline than I’m used to and my tendency to throw in one more useful bit of information does trip me up a lot. (Sigh!)

    Working on it….

    1. Hi Netta,

      I believe that it’s “practice makes perfect”. It does get a little easier with time.

      Good luck, you’ll get there!

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