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How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing

How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that you could, if you really wanted to, make a significant amount of money from your hobby?

It really doesn’t matter what it is either, just as long as you are knowledgeable and somewhat passionate about it. It could be really obscure. Maybe you are a football fan? Well here’s an obscurity for you!

How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing

Football snack helmets?


How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing


Here’s more from the same website…


How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing

How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing


Note that the copy on this site automatically directs you to Amazon. It’s all already set up. All the web owner needed was a prearranged affiliate agreement with Amazon allowing him to publish Amazon links on his site. Click on that link and buy, and he’ll get paid. Simple right?

If you have something to say, why not start a blog?

Tell the world about it. I guarantee that there will be anxious vendors clamoring for your opinion, and willing to pay you for the privilege.


How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing, content marketing or just plain blogging, call it what you will, is exploding in popularity.

It is a means by which consumers can benefit from a third party opinion on anything and everything and that third party stands to profit mightily from the encounter.

Google football snack helmets and this is what you see.


How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing


This person appears not only on the very 1st page of a Google search but is placed number one.

Now I like watching football but I’m not an aficionado of football snack helmets, in fact before my research for this article I was entirely unaware of their existence, but there you have it, who knew?

There are literally millions of niches out there, baseball? Baseball >bats. Soccer> shoes.

Gardening anyone?

Amazon, all by itself, has paved the way for anyone to profit from the web. All you need is an idea and a little time to learn how to implement it.

Now, as evidenced by the Google results screen shot of football snack helmets, note that Amazon is not in 1st place, its surrogate is. Why, well first of all this particular individual not only specializes in this product but that is what he has actually named his website. I have no idea of the worth of the snack helmet market, but whatever it is, rest assured that this man is receiving his fair share of it.

The Huffington Post estimates that affiliate marketing revenues will reach 6.8  billion dollars by 2020 and everything from aerospace all the way to breeding chickens has affiliate marketers operating somewhere in the mix.

For the most part affiliate marketers are not sophisticated corporations. They hail from every part of society, accountants, plumbers, ex military, anyone in fact with a burning desire to set up shop online, talk about their favorite subject and educate and inform others. That’s their gig and they love it.


Most work from the comfort of home, and those making appreciable income, approach affiliate marketing as they would any other job. 30 to 40 hours a week. And, as in the traditional business world, there are others who work even more. The sky’s the limit.

Choose the right niche, publish new content regularly, temper that with patience and determination and you too can earn yourself a slice of the pie. It’s all in how you approach it.


How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing


Do not believe however that marketing online is some kind of get rich scheme. Could you get rich? Maybe so, but only after putting in the time, learning all you can and taking action.

I am a glaring example of the type of individual who has taken up affiliate marketing. I had absolutely no background in internet commerce, none, so I had to learn as I went along, often not knowing if I was doing it right or not. There is nothing quite like a hands-on, practice makes perfect attitude to learning anything and this particular discipline is no different.


Here’s What You Would Need To Get Started


  • An Idea
  • A Business Name
  • A Website


The very first thing you will need of course is a good idea and the selection of your business niche is number one on the agenda. What do you want to promote?

Use Google and see what websites you come up with. Study the competition thoroughly and observe what they know, that you do not.

Once you have established what field, or niche you want to enter, your next step would be to get yourself a name for your new venture, a URL. Your name is cheap, (under $20.00) and is renewable on an annual basis. If it’s available choose a name that reflects what you are promoting. You will be brand new after all and an indicator in your URL that you are somehow connected to a specific niche will really help you in establishing yourself online.


Number Three Would Be To Get Yourself A Website


Believe it or not, building a site is not a complicated undertaking due to the proliferation of website templates now freely available on the web. Your selection will depend on the type of business that you want to participate in. Find the look that you want to convey and start filling in the blanks.


Number 4  Get A WordPress Account


WordPress is the preeminent publishing platform on the planet and it has changed everything by allowing non-technical people (like me), to understand the big picture without having first learned how to code.

For those who know and understand the complexities of HTML you can still apply that knowledge within WordPress because HTML is its foundation but it really isn’t necessary because everything is now overwritten in plain easy to understand English.


Number 5 Take A Course In SEO



How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing


Search engine optimization is key to your success and its probably the most convoluted of all the new disciplines that a novice affiliate must master if they want to gain readership and ultimately make money. But once you begin to comprehend what it really is it will become second nature to couch your writing in a manner that the automated search engine bots both recognize and understand.

Search engines, notably Google, and to a lesser extent Bing and Yahoo will actually rank your content based on a predetermined set of rules and your aim will be to rank as high within a search as possible. An article appearing on the 1st page of search engine results will inevitably result in significant traffic to your website, whereas being placed anywhere after the third page will probably bring you nothing at all.


How Do I Get Going


Others know things about marketing online that you don’t, so try not to reinvent the wheel, but rather strive to learn all you can from already established professionals and there’s no organization that can help you more than the folks over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an association of almost 1 million affiliate marketers exchanging ideas, alerting others to trends, and offering advice on every aspect of making money online.

It has evolved since its founding in 200? Into a university of sorts and its 7 day entirely free introductory affiliate marketing course will explain in great detail, how the money is made online, and it will highlight all of the procedures necessary for a brand new marketer to follow when setting up their new business. It’s invaluable instruction and for anyone contemplating an online career, this should be the starting point.

Here is a screenshot of the free course.


How To Turn Your Hobby Into Business, Affiliate Marketing


I have posted a review online detailing all that Wealthy Affiliate offers to aspiring website owners.

Check it out.



Onward and upward.

Need anything? Please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail at

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  1. Great review! I started my blog a few months ago and I really love it. I work all day on it because I really have fun doing so.
    You know, before finding this out, I couldn’t imagine that I’d be that happy while working! And the best part is that I can work from anywhere. If I want to go on a trip to the other side of the world, I could still work there. How cool is that?

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