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How Do I Start To Blog

How Do I Start To Blog ?

Have you ever wanted to start a blog? Ever wondered what it might take? It’s a process, but just follow along and I’ll show you how OK.

How Do I Start To Blog


How Do I Start To Blog


You will be needing a web address, a www.something or other to hang your hat on. A .com address is preferable.

Think long and hard about the name of your website, make it relevant to whatever it is you will be writing about and then start searching to see whether that name, or something close to it is available.

Once you have made your choice you will have to register (and pay for) that name. It will be less than $20.00. annually.

Next, you’re going to need to build a website, which will become your portal to the internet.

At this early stage it’s probably better not to concern yourself with the money making opportunities that a blog may eventually present, because before you can make money from your posts you will need to develop an appreciable audience, and that will take a little time.


The Art Of Blogging


How Do I Start To Blog


if you discover that there are people out there who enjoy what you have to say, and there are sufficient numbers of them, you can then consider how to monetize your output.

Blogging is nothing more and nothing less than writing, or in the case of YouTube, videoing your opinions in a manner that others will find interesting. Do it regularly enough and your audience will grow. You can augment that by linking your content to various social media platforms

Blog Niche Ideas, Get Creative


Really, in setting yourself up as a blogger you can literally write about anything that you think others might find of interest.

But, keep in mind that your audience is unlikely to grow unless you write as a specialist on a subject matter that is fairly narrow.

As an example, if you consider yourself somewhat of an expert, or if you have informed opinions on something that stimulates you, then break that down into subcategories

Manageable bite sized pieces.


How Do I Start To Blog

Were your interests, or perhaps your hobby or pastime to revolve around audio electronics, there would absolutely be no point in discussing them with a broad brush on a blog because sites like Best Buy, or various trade magazines are already covering that in depth. You will not rank!

Instead what you will want to do is to position yourself as an expert on a sub-category like headphones or turntables, or even hi-fi cables and then cover that topic thoroughly as only a specialist might be able to do.


Once you have developed an appreciable following, you may, if you wish, add an Amazon link to your article, showing the precise product that you are evaluating. If you make it easy for someone out there online to actually purchase, then you will also receive a nice commission check into the bargain.


How Do I Start To Blog
Amazon links


The prerequisite for any prospective blogger, is that apart from the fact that they really enjoy expressing themselves (they like to write), they also are able to do that on a very regular schedule. preferably, on a daily, or at least, a several times a week basis.

A wonderful article that you published online in January will not be enough to secure any form of meaningful readership, and most likely none at all!

To succeed at blogging you must work at it rigorously. If you don’t, your output will never reach an audience because you will simply never be serendipitously discovered, and that has everything to do with how Google and the other search engines work.


Get Traffic For Your Blog


How Do I Start To Blog


Outside of advertising, which in the early stages is probably not a wise thing to do, you will be largely dependent on Google, Bing and Yahoo to spread the word, and it works like this.

You have built out a great looking website, and you’ve published it to the web. It’s live and visible and anyone typing in your web address can discover it. It’s a start.

But what you want, and indeed need to happen is people discovering you by happenstance.

Here’s what happens. Firstly you will need to be actually indexed by the search engines, (they are aware that you exist), and secondly you will need to be ranked within their algorithms.

Your rankings will determine your positioning within an internet search and obviously you would desire for your article to appear on page 1, where everybody who has been searching for what you have to say might just click on the result, visit your website and read it. Mission accomplished.

Here is an example of one of my own articles appearing today for the first time on the first page of a google search. It was written in June.

How Do I Start To Blog

People are creatures of habit, myself included, and it’s rare for me to peruse search results beyond page 3. I’m too busy, I don’t have the time.

Rankings are determined by the following  factors.

  • Keywords


Words or phrases known to the search engines and used in context within your article


  • ​Relevant And Informative Information


A perception by the Google bots that the information contained is relevant to the niche of the site and that it contains content helpful to a reader.

  • Length Of The Article


Currently, the estimated average length of post content appearing on the first page of a search and spanning across a wide spectrum of industries, is approximately, give or take, 1900 words. That’s not to say that posts containing fewer words don’t rank. They do, but the longer, the better.

  • Frequency Of Publishing


All things being equal a website that posts more frequently will normally rank higher than ones that don’t.

How To Optimize With SEO

How Do I Start To Blog


Seo, Search Engine Optimization is a topic all to itself, but briefly it is a means by which, you should couch your content using appropriately placed keywords and then flagging them to Google in a manner that the algorithm will understand. It’s not really that complicated once you understand the procedures and why it is such a major component necessary for you to rank in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

To learn SEO correctly, I would recommend that you sign up for the free course at Wealthy Affiliate

The Benefits Of Blogging For A Business


How Do I Start To Blog


If there is a secret to successful blogging it’s that you just keep your head down and write, and as often as possible.

A website without lots of meaningful content will always lag behind those that do and if your own content is not written with the reader in mind, or if you are just attempting to fill the page as quickly as possible with repeated CTAs (calls to action to buy something), then your readers will simply move on. They will see right through it.

Every page should contain CTAs in some fashion, they’re just gentle but necessary nudges to test how serious a reader might be to invest in something but they should be subtle, not blatant.

Coming across as an authority within your chosen niche is your modus operandi and gaining trust will be everything going forward.

Allow yourself to develop the discipline of comparing different solutions to a readers possible issue, for all you know they may have already researched different products but are still a little insecure about which they should choose. Come down decidedly on your stand out choice, state your reasons and then provide a link within the post to assist them in purchasing it!

The Value Of A Blog


How Do I Start To Blog


Like anything worthwhile it takes time to establish credibility and gain trust both from the search engines and from your readers, and although your intent may be to make money as quickly as possible do not believe that this is a means all to itself because that’s simply not true.

Make no mistake, the bloggers, and the content, and affiliate marketers  out there, at least those with lots of traffic, will have consistently produced informative, helpful and ultimately readable content. Their readership will know it and Google will know it and with consistent effort they will go from strength to strength.

In this industry a large number of websites are regularly producing income in the six figure category and I am personally aware of several individuals actually making seven figures each and every year.

To be fair and totally transparent though, there are many more, probably the majority, who end up making nothing at all. Mostly they either never grasped the fundamental procedures to run an online business that develops readership in the first place, or instead ran their business in an effort to catch as many unsuspecting people as they could. Either way they ultimately lost and gave up.


Here’s What You Can Do To Get Started


Take action. Learn all you can about blogging and affiliate marketing.

YouTube has some video instruction on various aspects, and of course there are numerous articles on the subject available via a Google search. But, do it in stages.

First establish what you want your niche to be, and it should be one that you are able to demonstrably prove to yourself that it is potentially profitable. You will have thousands to choose from.

Next, choose and secure your domain name and decide who you want to host it online on your behalf.

Finally begin to build out your website using WordPress, the most user friendly platform for a newbie, or anyone else for that matter, to publish their work and maintain their website using ordinary everyday English. Knowledge of coding is not required.

Little by little, bit by bit, get your ducks in a row!


What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners ?


I learned everything I know about affiliate marketing and blogging from Wealthy Affiliate.


How Do I Start To Blog


I started out with them by taking their 7 day free affiliate marketing course.

It’s intensive and very thorough. If you allocate the time you will be rewarded with invaluable information that will get you off and running. This orienting course is entirely free of charge

I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform for every aspect of running my business. Hosting, website backups and site security.


It’s all covered under one umbrella and it actually costs me less than were I to outsource them, and ongoing instruction keeps me up to date with everything I need to know.

Their membership roster of almost 1 million professional marketers is proof positive of its effectiveness and it is universally recognized as the major affiliate marketer influencer the world over.

As a premium member of this outfit my dues, on an annual basis, are less than $30.00 a month, and to me it’s worth its weight in gold.

Please, check out my online review for Wealthy Affiliate,  where you will be able to sign up for the free seven day course. A credit card is entirely unnecessary.

Here’s a snapshot of the lesson plan.


Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Seniors


Any comments? I invite you to leave them below, and if you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to send me an email

To your success!

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