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Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing beware the word Free because it is not always what it appears to be.

Many freebies are nothing more than come-ons, designed to intrigue. But you end up with an incomplete picture and inevitably realize that perhaps you might have to make an investment in something after all.


Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos .


The internet as a whole, has more hucksters, providing dubious information, than you can shake a stick at, and the more you see, the more cynical you become because it seems that everyone is ultimately looking for the fast buck.

It can be really difficult to negotiate around what’s real and what’s not, particularly when you are new but this marketing discipline has exploded on to the scene relatively recently so pretty much everyone that I know started affiliate marketing with no knowledge of it whatsoever.


But, It’s Definitely Learnable.


I guess, that by now everyone knows that YouTube has a great selection of training videos of every type and some of them can be really helpful but even when addressing the same subject they often offer contradictory advice. Really good for confusing the raw beginner!

At best, they are band aids offering advice on a specific aspect of affiliate marketing, but they are mostly extremely fragmented presentations. I have watched many myself, only to discover that they ultimately provided more questions than answers.


Finding The Right Training Video Depends On How Much You Already Know!


Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Affiliate marketing (and you achieving good rankings within the search engines), demands that you fully understand the big picture before you go off looking for advice on individual aspects of it.




Are you convinced that your chosen niche is the right one for you? Have you done your research?

Niche marketing (affiliate marketing) should be somewhat of a passion where your flair for writing and self-expression combines with strong opinions and knowledge of your subject to produce consistent and helpful content. If you constantly struggle to come up with topics to write about then that may be an indicator right there, that you just may be barking up the wrong tree.

There are hundreds of thousands of niches to investigate. Ask questions in Google and check out what’s out there. Evaluate your competition and learn from them. Are you seeing the same sites over and again? Why do they rank so well, and what is it that they are doing that you might be able to emulate.


Your Website.


Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos


Did you set up your site by yourself on WordPress, or was it done on your behalf? Do you know if it was built correctly brick by brick, and is it easy for new readers to navigate? Seemingly small things but nonetheless vital.

Your site is the cornerstone of your business and a visual mirror image of your intent to help people out. Its construction should reflect that.

Of course, you want it to be attractive but most of all it should work, for you, and your customer.

Flashy sites, may at first glance be visually appealing but if they don’t clearly amplify your message and get to the point right away then you run the risk of your readers moving on.

In addition, the more complicated the site, and the more features it has, the slower it may load. Site speed, or rather the lack of it can sink your business before it even gets going.

If they don’t know you they won’t wait around!

Video, like it or not is the new reality when it comes to learning, but watching them out of sequence may have a detrimental consequence. Walk before you run.

I would urge anybody, particularly if you are new, to watch instructional videos from the ground up, meaning that you should check and see if your perceptions of affiliate marketing in general are actually grounded in reality. We all make assumptions, but when it comes to business and money we cannot afford to guess.

Unless you are already established and have a firm grounding in internet and affiliate marketing, here are the free videos you should be watching.


Start At Number 1, Absorb Them All And Take Notes.


Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos



These free videos are also complete lesson plans, brought to you courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate, the premiere internet business learning platform, and if you thought that you already knew how this business works, then you just may be in for a rude awakening.

I was guilty of it myself. Charging ahead with my ducks all over the place, but now they are lined up, and I know that I can go full steam ahead in the knowledge that I have got my business framework down. I fully understand the big picture and the reason that things are as they are. And, I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for that.


Here Are The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos On The Planet.


Free Video 1.        Getting Started.      




A 30-minute video presentation giving a general overview of affiliate marketing and it also explains how to easily navigate the Wealthy Affiliate training platform. and it’s the best free affiliate marketing training on the web


Free Video 2.        Understanding How To Make Money Online.


Gives you a grounding on the online money making processes


Free Video 3        Choosing The Best Niche For You.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos


Free Video 4        Building A Website Ready For Affiliate Marketing.


Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos

Choosing The Type Of Website.


With a free starter membership on Wealthy Affiliate you are able to build up to 2 Free Websites hosted live online at no cost to you.

Incidentally, as a premium member you would be able to transfer your existing domains to the platform and Wealthy Affiliate will host them for you.


Choose Your Website Design Template.


Free Affiliate Marketing Training Videos


Free Video 5        Setting Up Your Website The Right Way.


And that would be setting it up SEO ready.

In this video training Wealthy Affiliate takes you through the steps necessary to build your website on a firm foundation, it introduces you to your WordPress back office, and teaches in baby steps how to run your own site without the need for costly outside help.


Free Video 6        Hello Search Engines.


In time, Google, Bing, and Yahoo will be sending their search spiders to your site. This video explains what they look for and how you can make it easier for them to rank your all important content.


Free Video 7        Creating Content.


How to present your content in a manner that will hold the reader’s attention


Free Video 8        Creating Custom Website Menus.


This video digs into your sites layout and gives you a clear picture of the importance of organizing your site and making it simple for visitors to navigate, It shows you how to do that step by step


Free Video 9 All About Keywords.


Keywords are words and or phrases that Google uses to categorize and ultimately rank your content. They are a major component of SEO. This video explains, in some detail just exactly what they are, and how to find them using the free “Jaaxy” keyword tool located within the platform.


Don’t Go It Alone.


Of course, you may have already come across some free video training material yourself, and maybe it caused a light to go off and really helped you. Nothing wrong with that outcome, but genuinely free affiliate marketing training from the ground up is not to be sneezed at.



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