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Business From A Mobile Phone, The Future Has Arrived

In Part I Run My Website From A Mobile Phone Although That Wasn’t Always The Case.

In concert with millions of Americans, I am addicted to my smartphone, to the extent that it is rarely, if ever out of my line of sight.

And the funny thing is that I mostly don’t use it as a phone anymore, It’s the internet connectivity that I crave, but sometimes I long for the old days when a new electrical device had a predictable shelf life and when I was not contactable in some fashion, 24/7.

Today in our digital world everything changes, seemingly on a daily basis, and just keeping up presents us with big challenges. Technology is certainly not for the faint of heart!

We crave, no we insist, on instant everything when it comes to our internet experience and carrying around a powerful miniaturized computer has become the new norm. A 21st Century convenience that has now spread across the entire planet.

My phone is just a finger’s touch away from checking my Facebook page where I can like away to my heart’s content wherever I happen to be. A page that has inevitably progressed from merely keeping in touch with friends and relatives to my own personalized news channel that now seems to offer up content automatically.



It’s all provided courtesy of Facebook and as far as your own suggested content is concerned, it’s based on your record of previous Facebook preferences and clicks. Views diametrically opposed to our own, have been filtered out and our opinions and prejudices are amplified because we are now communicating, pretty much exclusively with the like-minded. Sound familiar?

I have decided that there is nothing that I can personally do to alleviate my own smartphone addiction. I actually wake up with it because it’s also become my alarm clock. It’s also my radio and my calculator. It’s always with me, I have succumbed to the inevitable, my smartphone is now indispensable

Like it or not my mobile has become front and center in my life and despite its annoying distractions it is now irreplaceable and I suspect that my attention to it is still in its infancy.

A smartphone that is capable of unlocking your house, your car, purchase a cup of coffee from Starbucks and remotely turn on and off lights and connected devices in your home is not going away but whether or not that means that technology has become too intrusive for you will all depend on how you look at it. Myself, while simultaneously railing against intrusive technology like some sort of 21st Century Luddite, I have decided to embrace it. But in so doing I have also chosen to have to have a better understanding of how it works. I can’t merely be a slave to it. Not right!

It’s a fact that over 50% of everyday online financial transactions are now completed with a smartphone.- It’s just too convenient!

A Business In Your Pocket, Who Would Have Thought?


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Although I still write and publish content for my website using my laptop, virtually every other aspect of overseeing my site is now done from the phone, and when designing new posts I am frankly more concerned about how they will look and function on a mobile device. I can add new graphics, or post to social media on the fly wherever I am because my mini computer is always with me!

Anyone with a little imagination can learn to do the same thing but so many are put off from trying because they do not consider themselves to be sufficiently technically savvy.

But they are comparing apples to oranges. The technically gifted are involved in web businesses but only to the extent that they have laid and continue to maintain and innovate the framework that everyone follows. For example, you do not need to know in detail how Bluetooth works but you do have to know how to apply it for your own purposes.

As an internet business owner, you now can be in total control without knowledge of the science but you will need the art. In other words, you do have to know what is actually happening in the background of your business but only to the extent that you comprehend it.

You will definitely need to learn some stuff because as internet commerce, in all of its manifestations has evolved, particularly in the field of SEO, then so too have the rules. Learn the rules, memorize them, be dedicated to what you are doing and then you will be able to have a business literally in your pocket.

How nice is that!

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4 Comment

  1. Hello Howard,
    i think you really nailed this down. If someone had told me 3 years ago, I will be using my smartphone for over 60% of my online stuff, i would have laughed . But you are right, this device is here to stay , so why not learn how to put it to use profitably. Thanks for the article. very helpful.

  2. Hello Howard:

    Thanks so much for this info. As a relatively new affiliate marketer, I am learning the importance of the mobile phone as a much needed tool. As an older person, I didn’t realize how much most people rely on the mobile device for all online questions and answers. You helped me add more ammunition to become successful. Take care.


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