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Brain Exercises For Seniors

Brain Exercises For Seniors

If you are approaching, or even over the age of 65, the likelihood is that, along with your body, your mind has started to slow down.

It’s OK, it’s natural?

Well yes it is, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t address it and help to put a halt to cognitive decline. There are brain exercises for seniors out there and you can also make some money with them!

Gradual memory loss. Paying attention to what you are doing, misplacing things,(occasionally visible in plain sight), poor sleep, decision making, and often depression, sometimes caused by medications and their interactions with other drugs (including alcohol) are all indicators of cognitive decline.



There is however a difference between MCI (Mild Cognitive impairment) and Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a recognized disease that science has not yet found a cure for

A study produced by Rutgers University, concludes that 4% of seniors will have developed full blown Alzheimer’s between the ages of 65 and 74. By the time we are 85,  50% of all U.S. residents will be suffering in some form from this awful and irreversible disease.

There is a school of thought though that MCI symptoms can actually be arrested by thinking of the brain as a muscle, and that exercising the brain, along with other regular oxygen producing physical exercise activities, will help us stave off the negative neurological aspects of aging.

I concur. Not because I am a medical professional, (I am not) but because I have purposefully exercised this muscle in various ways myself, and those activities have really helped this senior citizen to retain and actually improve his mental acuity.



Brain exercises for seniors



I first retired 4 years ago, and initially the notion of being free from commuting everyday and just not dealing with business and hot shot colleagues half my age, was wonderful.

But by 6 months in my euphoria had all but vanished. I was not only bored, but the sudden lack of structure and lifelong habits of rigidly planning a working day, were behind me, and had resulted in a lack of direction. My critical thinking was all but gone, I was depressed, and worse my attention span was all over the place. I was a mess.

When we are young, we really, at least I didn’t, think very much about retirement at all. It was all such a distant destination back then, with visions of grandchildren crawling on the floor, a cruise or two and watching the sunsets in a rocking chair, glass in hand.

But it’s not like that. It’s aches and pains, creaky backs, and new and uncomfortable sensations of aging constantly reminding you that you are not immortal after all.

Seemingly, and all of a sudden you are old, and as you come to terms with that fact, you simultaneously realise that the high energy, motivated and efficient business person that you used to be is becoming a thing of the past, and if that were not bad enough your keys inexplicably go missing on a regular basis!

Doctor visits take on a new meaning, medication takes up extra space in the bathroom, and if you’re anything like me, you resolve to make some changes.


Brain exercises for seniors


It is said that learning something new exercises the brain like nothing else and that good old fashioned full on concentration on a brand new discipline, will trigger chemical brain interactions akin to a high

For me this was true, particularly when I began to realise that I was not only learning but also retaining new information. It made me happy.


I Learned How To Operate An Internet Business And You Can Too!


In common with most people of my generation, I had, I thought, pretty much mastered the intricacies of the operating system of my laptop and I could surf the world wide web, post on social media, read the news and generally take advantage of all of the benefits of the new information superhighway.

The internet is a wondrous place where you can find answers to questions and solutions to many problems. I’d read articles on all sorts of topics, finding myself again and again landing on obscure website’s (hitherto unknown to me) and containing copious amounts of information.

Ads, credit card capture capabilities, comments from happy customers and a realization that there really were ordinary people out there actually making money on the web, began to take on a new meaning. I knew I wasn’t stupid and while admittedly ignorant of how they were able to do that, it triggered something, and just like that I found myself taking action. I wanted to do that too.

I am not a technical person, not at all. I know what an algorithm is, (I think) but I had no idea of the big picture of correctly marketing something online. The complexities of operating a 21st Century internet marketing business are many and various, but what I didn’t fully understand was that technology itself, had become so sophisticated, that it had allowed non technical ignoramuses (like me) to actually participate. It was a revelation.

In my search for answers I had started to ask questions of Google, like how do I learn how to make money online, and what I came up with was not really encouraging.

There were schemes a plenty, do this, do that and the money will start to flow, and before I knew it I had offered up a credit card number and had at it.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, and that’s just how it went. I was scammed twice by two different “money making” shiny objects.

My issue with these programs, was not so much the idea that they were offering a money making map to follow, but the absence of any meaningful help when encountering what I subsequently discovered are in effect relatively simple procedures.



Brain exercises for seniors


For a complete novice entering a strange world you must learn from the ground up and ultimately it’s of no use to take shortcuts, if, in the big scheme of things, you don’t really know where you are going.

To do anything new, and to succeed at it means absorbing yourself in the subject, raising your hand and asking from the outset why and how. Once you know you can move on, piece by piece until the jigsaw starts to reveal a picture. And that’s ultimately a satisfying experience.

Just 10 years ago all of this would have been impossible of me to fathom. For one, designing a website would have required a working knowledge of computer code and operating any type of website business without the aid of outside technical help would have been impossible, but no more.

The code is still there lurking underneath, but for everyday purposes, and thanks in part to platforms like WordPress, everything in website land is now also overwritten in plain easy to understand English. I didn’t know any of this before I began my voyage of discovery.

I discovered Wealthy Affiliate,  internet marketing’s de facto university, entirely by accident. I was looking at a discussion board on a forum featuring affiliate marketing. Several questions were from newbies like me, and the name Wealthy Affiliate came up several times, it was mentioned by more than one member.



Brain exercises for seniors



I headed over, took their free 7 day internet marketing course and a lightbulb went off. Here was a platform actually dedicated to people like me. I eventually became a paid premium member of this service, and have remained one ever since.

Figuring out how internet commerce really works, step by step, has not always been easy, but it was and remains a pleasure to be totally absorbed in a new discipline.

My aging brain is far more organized these days and I haven’t misplaced my keys for a long time. I guess it worked!

If you would like to shake off the cobwebs, learn something new and eventually profit from it, then I would strongly encourage you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It works!

You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate online review right here.

Need anything? Leave me a comment below, or I am always available at

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  1. My parents are hitting the 65 year milestone this year. They are both retiring and looking for something to keep them mentally active. (They have a house, big yard, and grandkids to keep the physically busy).

    I came across your post while looking for ideas to keep them busy. I love the idea of them taking a passion they have and turning it into a website. Not only for the mental benefits, but the potential to make some extra money.

    I’ll have them check out Wealthy Affiliate…sounds like they can get started for free…so no risk! My parents know their way around a computer, but are not technical. Would they still be able to build a website using WA?

    Thanks again for the info!

    1. Yup, 

      Thanks for commenting, appreciate it!

      No problem because the website building part is really fun, and the video lessons are step by step. That, makes it easy to follow along with.

      If they have any questions they can e-mail me directly at



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