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Best Keywords For Search Engines, For Beginners

Best Keywords For Search Engines, For Beginners

The selection and usage of keywords is becoming the be all and end all of good SEO for an internet marketer, and finding them has become a mini science all of its own, and here’s why!

Data rules the world now and information on you proliferates across the web, and your online habits, where you go, what you read and everything that you buy online, is recorded, calibrated and evaluated.

Best Keywords For Search Engines, For Beginners


best keywords for search engines, for beginners

Big data now knows everything about you. Where you live, what you drive, what size clothes you wear, how your health is, what socio-economic class you belong to and a pretty accurate evaluation of your lifestyle and disposable income.

No taking it back now, it’s already out there online, and the more we use and depend on the internet for work and relaxation, the more they know about us.

All of this data paints a vibrant picture of you as a consumer, and data on you and everyone else online is collected, manipulated, crunched, stylized and then fed back to you in an attempt to try to sell you even more stuff.


Automatic Data Collection 24/7



In the golden age of American marketing, (think Madmen), data was collected, usually on groups of individuals representing a cross selection of society.

This “focus group” method of data collection relied on statistics from the group to forecast trends and garner opinion, positive and negative, on new products and services.

Focus groups are still used to evaluate advertising campaigns, even as these groups themselves have mostly evolved into online surveys.

However, as everything in advertising gradually switches over from print and TV towards  digital marketing, the relevance of focus groups diminishes. We are slowly evolving from the 20th century way of doing things, to instead marketing specific things to specific people.

The sheer amount of data available to modern day marketers is astounding by comparison, and those of us who worked within the 20th century advertising business have seen a quantum leap forward in the research of bringing goods to market.

Think about it, when you use Amazon, its use of cookies and sophisticated algorithms are aware, not only of your purchase history but also what you have actually looked at and presumably have considered purchasing.

Automatically, and complete with pretty pictures, they will remind you that you looked at XY or Z, and then they present them to you again and even offer other alternatives. As a consumer they have your number, and individually rather than collectively.

You Are A Marketing Target!


Whether you are aware of it or not, you are a target and the more you shop or just hang out online, the more data there will be available for marketing organizations to gather and evaluate in attempt to sell you on something.

And, as technology marches on, understand that it is your data that is being automatically collected and collated by machines.

That’s incredible and there’s no going back. It’s both ultra convenient, and at the same time kind of Orwellian in its implications.

However, you are not just a consumer, you are also a marketeer yourself, and in your own search for customers you will have to incorporate the “Matrix’s” keywords to guide you towards your own targeted customer.

How you use them within your post’s will literally determine the quality and quantity of your readership and therefore profoundly affect the profitability of your business.

Research, Research, Research


To a successful content or affiliate marketer, discovering new keyword phrases with low competition and high potential readership is an ongoing discipline that will involve several hours of weekly research, and the internet being the internet, it now offers solutions (tools), to assist you with that and help you break it all down.

Understanding Keywords


Keywords are actual words or phrases representing, for the most part, typical questions that people might ask of a Google search.

No keywords, no search, because there would not be a frame of reference, no place to start.

Keywords are critical because they can not only get you to your intended audience, but with careful research and planning, applying the right keyword will mean that you have ensured that your competition for that phrase will be low, therefore increasing your chances of appearing on Page 1 of search engine results. That’s the goal here!


Keeping The Attention Of Your Audience!


best keywords for search engines, for beginners


In the written word there is no compromise between being bombastic or over emphasizing how wonderful something is versus just being honest and helpful, because the attention span of your potential readership is about 8 seconds max. They want answers not glitz

Whatever you have announced in your main keyword, or explained within your 1st paragraph, unless that holds their attention, they’re gonna be gone and on to something else, because they are looking for something specific.

Online they’ve asked a question like “where can I make money online for free” and they hit enter and all sorts of stuff comes up, and if that were your keyword and you were lucky enough to have chosen the right one to get somebody’s attention for that question then you would have been in the fortunate position of actually being read!

Most people’s content, once published, just disappears into the ether, and outside of friends and family it doesn’t get discovered at all.

Nobody ever sees it, it’s definitely out there in hyperspace but it’s not making a difference because it’s not being read!

Adding Social Media To The Mix


best keywords for search engines, for beginners


Allied to good SEO in achieving traffic and rankings is the incorporation of social media into your marketing mix.

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are all vehicles that you can use to increase traffic. Wherever you can glean extra readers will help you enormously because Google is able to see that your articles are actually being read and as a consequence of that your rankings will climb.


Keyword Tools


Google has a keyword tool “Google Keyword Planner” but it has limited functionality because its structure was designed to be used in conjunction with Adwords.

That slews results. If you were considering paid advertising using Adwords, I’m sure that this product would be great. But I’m looking for free exposure…. Rankings.

Here’s what You Should Be Looking For.

Find Keywords With Low Competition From Others Operating Within Your Niche.


Best Keywords for Search Engines, for Beginners


Think of a keyword research tool as a spreadsheet, and the best free keyword research tool is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is able to provide you with eye-opening statistics, one of which is just how many others in your field have used that phrase.

Jaaxy also provides you with average monthly online searches for a keyword and estimates ensuing traffic for you were you to use it in a post.

It will also suggest closely related alternative keywords that you may be able to take advantage of.

These suggestions contain vital information.

QSR (quoted search results) alerts you to how many others have recently featured the same exact keyword. Could be several hundred. Anything below 100 is a good place for a newbie to start, the lower, the better

How You Can Try Jaaxy For Free


Jaaxy is located within the Wealthy Affiliate platform and WA’s free membership will also allow you access to Jaaxy where you can get started with 30 entirely free keyword searches for your business.

There is a right way and a wrong way to approach keyword research but Jaaxy has you covered.



Need anything? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below, or you can always reach me at

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  1. Hi Howard:

    I too have been in the advertising world but from the newspaper ad sales side. I can remember just how different things were – and not that long ago. When I was first in the business there was an internet but it didn’t have nearly the sophistication as it has today. I have seen tremendous changes just in the last few years.

    Keyword research is so important. And I’m so thankful there’s a tool like Jaaxy! I use it all the time and it’s a time saver to say the least.

    Thank you for your great post and it’s nice to meet someone in the ad biz!

    1. Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for commenting and glad that you’re already using Jaaxy.

       I honestly don’t know what I would do without it!

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