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Best Free Website Builder For A Small Business

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These days pretty much anyone can get themselves a brand new website. There are many offers online promising just that. The problem though is that they will do very little, if anything at all, to help you run and maintain it.

You will need some prior knowledge and the wherewithal to do that for yourself and there’s the rub. Unless you are a little, dare I say it.. On the Geeky side, you wont know how it works, you wont understand the logistics of your site or how to link things to other things.

You might gaze with pride and amazement that your new business name is finally “up in lights” and looking good on the internet but that’s about it. Short of advertising you will have no idea how to attract readers and potential customers and your website will gather dust, get lost in the shuffle and eventually die. Been there, done that, got the hat and the tee shirt. There is a better way!


Best Free Website Builder For A Small Business.


The proliferation of D I Y website builder sites out there has dramatically increased and not in small part because of the availability of literally thousands of state-of-the-art website templates. Simply stated you don’t need to know how to code anymore.

Any intelligent individual, despite a lack of technical expertise, is able to create their own website today. In my own quest to discover how web commerce really worked,

I had spent countless hours stopping what I was doing because an internet acronym, new to me, had reared its ugly head and I had to google it to find out what it was and why I needed to know. When I finally discovered, quite by chance, an easier way it was a relief . Not just help with website building but step by step training in internet commerce. Learning became a pleasure.


Check it out!

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