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Affiliate Marketing It Works!

Have you ever considered putting a website together together to make some money online, but weren’t sure how exactly to go about it? Maybe you ought to learn how to become an affiliate marketer. Put simply, affiliate marketing it works, plus there’s virtually no outlay, just forward traffic to one of your vendors and they’ll pay you a healthy commission for every sale made from your referrals. You can learn online how to run a website  business the right way and at your own pace, so don’t be put off by all of the insider language.


Jargon, Gobbledygook?


The usage of acronyms when describing the many components of the internet in general and SEO (search engine optimization) in particular makes an assumption that the reader already knows what they actually mean, and honestly, most don’t.

It’s all shorthand used by the initiated but frankly, it’s more than a little irritating to ordinary folks striving to understand how internet commerce actually works and flows. Unfamiliar terms, something that everyone comes across when attempting to learn any new discipline, as in the internal language of an industry new to you is normal, but somehow the internet seems to take the use of acronyms to a new level.

I am convinced that some bloggers throw these terms around liberally in an attempt to convince readers of their inherent knowledge of the subject, all well and good, but particularly for newbies anxious to get their websites up and running and discoverable online, they don’t for the most part, actually elaborate much on their meanings.

There are, approximately 1.3 billion individually registered websites on the internet but according to 75% of them are inactive and are parked somewhere. Most, (although not all) of that percentage reflects an attempt by someone to begin an online business without online knowledge. In other words they gave up!

They put the cart before the horse as it were and they had failed almost before they started. To Millenial’s, schooled with computers, this language may be somewhat, or even entirely familiar but if you’re anything like me then well, you’d be starting pretty much from scratch. So here’s my advice, born of hard-won experience. Stay within the basics of the business at hand, first things first. Learn by osmosis and don’t allow your lack of knowledge to overwhelm you. You must walk before you can run.

Here are just twelve examples, in no particular order, of acronyms that you are likely to come across and what they actually mean.

  • SERP: Search Engine Results Page. Sometimes referred to as SERPs, they are what Google and other search engines reveal to you after you have asked your question.
  • URL: Uniform Resource Locator. The address of your business on the web, ie: www,
  • HTML: Hypertext Markup Language. It’s the coded language used by most websites. When using website templates the code is automatically translated into English.
  • HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It’s how messages across the web are transmitted.
  • HTTPS: The most up-to-date version of HTTP, the s stands for secure, meaning that the protocol is encrypted.
  • ISP: Internet Service Provider. Fairly self-explanatory, it’s from whom you purchase access to the internet.
  • PPC: Pay Per Click. That would be an ad, placed on the internet, most often on the results page of an internet search. Someone clicks, you pay.
  • RSS: Really Simple Syndication: A means by which you are automatically fed specific information from other sites.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the overall discipline of writing your content and code in a manner that the search engines will understand and appreciate. Correct use of SEO techniques will contribute greatly to rankings for your site.
  • ALT: Alternative Text Attribute. Or alt tag, it describes the various images placed in pages and posts.
  • CAPTCHA: Completely Automated Public Turing Test. It can tell if you are a human or a computer.
  • CTA: Call To Action. A suggestion, normally an image with text encouraging you to click here.

This list is woefully incomplete (there’s hundreds more) but what these abbreviations mean is something that you should attempt to learn and absorb because once you understand how that can help your business flourish, then there may be no stopping you.

For the uninitiated, stepping into the internet business world need not be as daunting as you might think and whether we like it or not it’s only fear that stops us.

Children At A ComputerFear of the unknown prevents so many people from even contemplating starting a new website business because they don’t believe that they know enough to make it work. Well off the cuff perhaps they don’t, but it’s like anything else, there’s a learning curve. The good news though is that you don’t have to learn everything at once before you start operating your website business, you learn it step by step as a child might.

Regardless of your current knowledge of all things internet, if you want to make money from your own website then you owe it to yourself to take some classes on affiliate marketing because it’s not what you know, its what you don’t know that can really make the difference.

I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate University. Check out my online review here and sign up for a few free lessons. You may be be really glad you did.

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  1. Hi Howard
    And it is exactly my problem. I usually start a course on internet as I am interested to learn new things but there is so many acronyms and as I am not familiar with them I always give up.
    I am looking for a step by step method to learn more about blogging. As I am not experienced in internet marketing, your wealthy affiliate program looks very informative and good for beginners as well. I try few free lessons and let you know if I need more help

    Thanks for your tip
    Regards, Marty

    1. Hi Marty:

      You will find Wealthy Affiliate’s beginner section to be uncomplicated and easy to understand. Just follow along and you’ll see your new website up and running on day 1. This Platform is amazing.

      If you have any more questions please send me an e mail. Anytime.


        1. Hi there, and thanks for commenting. All websites built with the assistance of Wealthy Affiliate has an automatic, all in one SEO built into all pages and posts.



  2. nice article 6th paragraph influenced me a lot.
    Here i have a question as there are a lot of tools for affiliates and publishers in the market and for newbies it is hard work to chose appropriate tool and they got confused . I am also new in affiliate marketing and want to launch new website but i am unable to decide what tools I should use to start and i am thinking about as they are providing free tools for affiliates and publishers with free wordpress plugins and templates. not sure if i chose right or not.

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