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Affiliate Marketing For Seniors, Be Patient

Affiliate Marketing For Seniors, Be Patient

For most people, and particularly for seniors currently living on a fixed income, beginning a legitimate online business, the first question is usually “how long does it take to make money online with affiliate marketing”

And my answer would be,


Be Patient, Affiliate Marketing For Seniors Is A Learning Process

And if you try to run before you can walk, you will probably fall down!

And anyone, of whom you might be asking  that question, will most likely be unaware of where you are personally, in the big scheme of things and what you may have already done, (and continue to do), to establish your new business out there in hyperspace.

If you have already made yourself familiar with WordPress and how it functions, and if your current knowledge encompasses SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And if you were to work at it as though it were already a full time occupation and you regularly post fresh content to your site?

If you did all of those things you may start to see some traction maybe around the 90 day mark.

But that’s rare.

Google, being the pre-eminent search engine, looks not only at your individual content to judge its relevance, but as importantly, it will also eventually rank your content and accompanying keywords based upon how regularly you are adding new content to your site.

It wants to know how serious you are in building out a comprehensive and informative site and that takes time.


The Newbie

If you are brand spanking new to any form of internet marketing, and if you are prepared to give it your all, then I would give over that 90 day period to learning affiliate marketing from the inside out.

As you become familiar with the processes involved (particularly SEO), your web business will begin to grow the right way, and it will have been built on a firm foundation.  During this time you should also be simultaneously adding new content to your site.

Realistically, you the newbie could build a healthy following in 180 days but more likely 12 months.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. (they never work) but if your goal is to develop a significant income from your computer and you work at it and give your all, (particularly in the early stages), then your reward will be a generous passive income.


Affiliate Marketing For Seniors, Be Patient

Don’t Chase The Money , Make The Money Chase You!


The internet is  a wondrous place, where if you look long enough you can find pretty much anything. But it’s also a lawless place, and the snake oil salesmen with their bright and shiny objects are everywhere.  They will offer instant relief for your excess belly fat, and natural cures for whatever ails you.


And they will promise that you will make large amounts of money in a short period of time But. of course YOU have to send them money first!

Human nature being what it is, we believe in shortcuts. It’s in our DNA but as far as making some fast money online, don’t bother. It’s a road with a dead end.


Enjoy Working On Your Website


Affiliate Marketing For Seniors, Be Patient

Because that’s how you learn, By experience. And Your job, once you have overcome and understood the administrative intricacies IS TO WRITE and write often, and the more you do it the easier it will become.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that your hobbies, interests, and opinions can actually make you money, just as long as you have defined and refined your niche.


Niche Marketing

If your expertise and enthusiasm embraced furniture for example, you would not rest on your laurels and build a furniture website because the subject is too broad,

The likes of Ikea, Wayfair, not to mention national and regional brands, all of whom have a web presence, would eat your lunch!

But you could refine your niche to something specific within the furniture category. Something that people are looking for. Maybe office chairs, or even better- ergonomic office chairs.

Were you to write reviews, comparing similarly priced chairs, your opinion may help and allow a reader to finally make a definitive choice. Your link to the recommended chair supplier makes it easy for a consumer to purchase right there and then. And money is made.


Make Your Articles And Reviews Unique

As you add content to your site, strive to be a helpful resource. Don’t preach, explain, commiserate with their dilemma and offer honest solutions.

It’s all about trust and expanding your audience. The greater your audience, the higher your search engine rankings, and high rankings will mean that your articles and reviews will have a fighting chance to appear on the first page of a Google search and that’s your ultimate goal.


Don’t Advertise Until You Know That What You Have To Say Will Attract Attention

That’s what traditional focus groups and survey companies have always done and in the internet age there are free tools allowing you to actually measure your work before proceeding.

A reliance, at least initially, on search engine rankings will quickly tell you which posts bring readers to your site.

You can then incorporate those posts into paid advertising in the certain knowledge that it will send you qualified traffic. It’s at that point that you can start to aggressively monetize your site. But first things first.


Promoting Your Business For Free

The likes of Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and other social media platforms, allow you to link to your posts outside of a sole reliance on search engine rankings.

The correct use of social media is a natural and organic way to gain readership and direct more readers to your site.


Learning The Essentials


Affiliate Marketing For Seniors, Be Patient

You will need a plan of action to get yourself started.

  • Decide on your niche
  • Register your domain name
  • Build a website
  • Take a course in SEO


You can do all of this separately from different entities or you could join an association as well as forums dedicated to internet marketing.

My personal recommendation would be to get yourself over to Wealthy Affiliate and sign up for the free basic membership. They’ll explain how to correctly approach your new occupation and they’ll start you off with a free website of your own viewable live on the internet. No money required

You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

Need anything?

You can always reach me at

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4 Comment

  1. Hallo there Howard,

    I have been hearing how affiliate marketing has been changing lives for many folks and I was inspired to get into it and see if it will work for me.

    I see that you have to give yourself time to build the foundation and grow well enough to have the money chase you. I’m willing to do all this and have even gotten started with wealthy affiliate.

    Thanks for the honesty here. I’ll be sure to let you know when I need help. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for commenting Dave, If you need any help within the community, I’d be glad to assist you any time.

      Just send me an e-mail.

      Good luck with your journey in Wealthy Affiliate!

  2. Thanks for this well in-depth post about affiliate marketing.

    I believe nkt just for senior citizen, but anyone who tries to build an online business needs to learn patience.

    It’s one of the most important factors to achieving success, and also one of he hardest to do at times — especially if your a beginner.

    So like you said, find a proven method showing you how to build a business online — then work in it each day it’ll you get results.!

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