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affiliate marketing for seniors

Affiliate marketing for seniors, and cutting the cord on Cable TV

I admit that the current extreme political climate has had me worried for all sorts of reasons. And the daily dysfunctions of all branches of government had found me frankly glued to the TV, and as a self-confessed news bug it’s morbidly interesting but it’s also kind of depressing.

Civility seems to be history in our politics and I just didn’t want to watch it anymore. Besides, for this privilege I was paying the local cable company a small fortune. I’d had enough.


Affiliate marketing for seniors, and cutting the cord on Cable TV

So late last year I cut the cord on cable TV but the aftermath turned out to be somewhat uncomfortable. It’s getting better now, so I guess I was nothing if not a creature of habit. But honestly, It hasn’t been easy. Not at all.

Previously I knew what would be on TV just by glancing at my watch.

“30 minutes to Wapner!”

And honestly, at first I was kind of lost. My TV has Netflix, which I had watched infrequently, and even Amazon which I had watched even less. So I could still gawp at the screen if I wanted to, but it simply wasn’t the same thing.

I’d cut the cable cold turkey and in desperation to watch a live anything I bought one of those square pancake shaped digital antenna things and screwed it into the back of the TV.

Have to admit that the hi-def picture is great but it has its drawbacks.

I’m not a particularly religious person, but if you are then this antenna is for you. It will pull in every televangelist out there in broadcast TV land. Really, there is a huge choice.


affiliate marketing for seniors


It’s also incredible if you like movies dubbed in Spanish, or appreciate reruns of 1970s TV, but for anything else not so much. One national channel though (CBS), is available for me here and it’s crystal clear, lucky me!

I seriously needed a distraction, Oh no, here comes a new habit!

Sitting in front of a large TV in the favorite spot just wasn’t an option anymore so my desk, which is also located in the living room became it!

I bought a new office chair, an ergonomic one that rocks and treats backs with respect. I also bought an angled stand that brings my laptop up to eye level and an ergonomic swiveling footrest It’s my new hangout, and it’s great.

My productivity and focus has increased dramatically and my computer, (outside of work), is no longer an occasional thing of the Twitter and Facebook variety, where jumping down rabbit holes of information before dragging myself back to the task at hand, was becoming a distraction.

My computer workstation has now become my hub, and surprisingly, at least to me, cutting the cord on cable TV has ended up with newly found organizational skills and optimum allocation of time to tasks. It’s become an eye opener.

As I write frequently I had previously written thoughts and ideas on a scratch pad.(often while watching TV). They were haphazard, and something maybe to elaborate on at some future date. I ended up with legal pad pages placed in strategic locations in the hope that they may prompt me ton action. Now, as I’m already here at the desk, my thoughts are typed directly into the notepad AP and I even arranged them by topic. I amazed myself.

I’ve been at this internet business thing for nearly two years, and although it has allowed me the opportunity to work from home, it’s had its frustrating moments. Working on the web absolutely demands your close attention.

Here’s how I reorganized my website business

Know Your Computer


affiliate marketing for seniors

As an older individual, and speaking entirely for myself, I have, since moving my throne from the couch to the desk as it were, found myself naturally becoming more familiar with the entirety of my computer’s operating system. Previously I had a tendency to gloss over the extra features and get right to it, but there are shortcuts galore and I took the time to find them. Saved me hours of work and if you don’t know them all you are really missing out.

Content ideas


Adding fresh content to a site is its lifeblood, and If you have any chance at ranking in the Google Sphere you have to do that on a regular basis.

That requires research, and new articles, even before I publish them on WordPress, are now held together with all of my notepad research notes in one file. That way I will always have quick access to my original thoughts, as well as the finished articles. I keep them chronologically.


affiliate marketing for seniors


As new ideas for articles emerge and after I have found accompanying and appropriate keywords, they too get a new file for future use. I also color code the files into applicable projects. I now keep the master file right on my desktop and it has made my life so much easier.


Back up your work at least daily


If you’re not as organized as you can possibly be, it will inevitably result in your taking shortcuts to finish projects on time and shortcuts could leave to disaster.

Taking advice from an anonymous individual on YouTube, particularly if it involves copying and then pasting code directly into your site could actually end up breaking it beyond repair, so backing it up regularly will save your business, not to mention countless hours of work.

Organizing the research


My business is affiliate marketing , and I am constantly perusing websites similar to mine. I had been in the habit of bookmarking many of them for future reading, but I had accumulated so many, and besides it was usually just a snippet of information within the post that had triggered my curiosity, not the entire page.

Now instead of bookmarking sites I take individual screenshots of new and useful information from posts and then I file them appropriately. I spend a couple hours a week going through them either taking further action or hitting the delete button.

Organizing My Day



I post my daily to-do list to the notepad and display it on the screen and I do my best to check them off accordingly. I keep one daily list for business, and another for personal.

I still sneak in the odd movie here and there, but that’s it. I cut the cord and I’m loving it. (I think!)

If you already are, or even considering becoming an affiliate marketer you may benefit from this freely available online course. It will really help you to get your ducks in a row. No credit card required.

If you found this article to be helpful please leave me a message below, and I am always available at


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