About Me

I’m Sitting At Home, Working. Where Are You?


Hi, and greetings from sunny Florida. My name is Howard and I’ve lived here a little over twenty years. Every winter I still marvel at the sunshine and remember how it was in New York. So grateful!

Back in the day, and my memories of it are still vivid, I was a young account executive at a Manhattan advertising agency. The business disciplines learned there have served me well over the years. I learned how to professionally research and how to apply that knowledge when creating ad campaigns for new products and services. Without research I would have been flying blind.

That’s still true today, but the route to success, the internet route, has changed. My mission at Affliliate Novice is to help everyone striving to understand that route and to help them navigate and profit from it.

I am at your service.


need anything. Drop me a comment below or you can also reach me at howard@affiliatenovice.com