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A beginners guide to making money online

A Beginners Guide To Making Money Online

There is a difference I suppose, between simply making money online, which for some has the connotation of shiny object syndrome and quick riches…. Good luck with that!

And, learning how internet commerce really works for everyday people and how you can be in control of your own destiny, with your own website, doing your thing and making some honest cash.

I will be addressing the latter.


A Beginners Guide To Making Money Online


There are various routes that you could embark on and there is no best way to sell products online, that will all depend on your vision.

For some that might mean an e-commerce online store selling products and collecting money. Sites like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion have simplified the process to the point where anyone, using their website templates can set themselves up with a beautiful store lickedy split.

For a fee they will take care of everything for you. You integrate your product, price it, and you’re done.

As an example Shopify would cost you $29.00 a month for Basic Shopify but that’s not enough to reveal of the platform’s features. Think in terms of $79.00 to $299.00 to properly get the job done.


Where Would My Customers Come From?


a beginners guide to making money online


If an online store selling a line of products is your ideal, then there is no doubt in my mind that sites like Shopify will provide you with a beautiful and original site of which you will probably be very proud.

Think of if it like this. You’ve opened your dream brick and mortar store. The lighting is exquisite, the products are fantastic and enticingly placed and the window displays are awe-inspiring. But the store sits on the edge of a cornfield and nobody gets to see it!

So what is offered here is only so much. For the most part, the traffic end of the equation is mostly going to have to come from your own marketing efforts, including immersing yourself in social media for business and getting the word out as often as possible. But unless you incorporate paid advertising that’s likely not enough.

Running your own online e-commerce store is definitely doable, but it also has its drawbacks. And until you are prepared to pony up some promotional money you just may end up spinning your wheels.

The unvarnished truth behind any successful internet based business is, of course, traffic, visitors are its lifeblood and attracting them is a science.


Its name is SEO.


Search Engine Optimization, What It Is And Why It’s Vital For Your Success



A Beginners Guide To Making Money Online


SEO is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results”  Wikipedia

In other words, in an attempt to provide the most useful and relevant content for searchers, Google, Yahoo and Bing will index and prioritize (rank) websites and their pages and posts, based upon specific criteria.

The algorithms are constantly changing so we don’t know everything but there are certainly specific things that you must do as a website owner to at least make it as painless as possible for the spiders to periodically scan your site, and understand what it, and your individual posts are all about. And, there are many component parts.


“Who You Are Speaks So Loudly I Can’t Hear What You Are Saying”

Ralph Waldo Emerson A beginners guide to making money online

It’s all about trust, your website and its content should convey clarity and honesty and it should be immediately clear to a prospective customer that you just may have an answer to their specific issue so they might actually read what you have to say…. Imagine that!

The entire premise of SEO, and your own goal in practicing good website SEO disciplines, is, and as quickly as possible, to be identified by the search engines as an authority in your field. You are after all a specialist and that has to come through loud and clear.

It really is a case of apples and oranges. If your website is primarily about apples but you suddenly deviate and start talking about oranges, there’s a strong probability that this particular article will never be accidentally discovered online, because your excellent content will only ever be considered after all of the orange experts out there ahead of you. And that, would be a waste of your precious time.

Make no mistake, ordinary people like you and me, are more than capable of gleaning significant income from operating their own websites, but only if those sites are highly specialized and specific. And, establish their credentials over time and offer real solutions for an audience out there.


Keywords And On Page SEO  A beginners guide to making money online


Keywords are words and phrases, often questions that have been asked of Google, and are recognized by algorithms.

The title for this post, a beginners guide to making money online, is also a keyword. It helps the search engines to rank this content.

Keywords themselves are ranked by relevance and by using keyword research tools, (yes there are such things) you are able to discover approximately how many people ask this question on a monthly basis. In this case the question may have been “Is there a beginners guide to making money online?”

A good keyword research tool will tell you, not only how many individuals are using this term for search purposes, but also and more importantly it will estimate how many monthly views that post might get were it to be ranked on the 1st page of search results. It will also reveal just how competitive that keyword is.

There are literally billions of keywords, and professional internet marketers work long and hard researching and categorizing them for future use.

My own pick for great keyword research is Jaaxy, which can be found within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can check it out here.   Jaaxy

On page SEO incorporates flagging keywords, copy and images, and its usage will appropriately mark and accurately describe your content to the search engine spiders in a form that it can understand. Once you know how to do that, and why you should do it, it becomes routine, kind of like filling out short forms.

Apart from producing appropriate and helpful information in new posts, Google, and this is critical, considers both the length of your individual posts and how regularly you are providing that content. IE how often do you post fresh content to your site? Once a month, a week, a day.

The Shopify route to success is a genuine opportunity, It will give you a firm foundation on which to build an online store, but it’s not cheap and really won’t provide you very much in the way of traffic. You will still have to learn and understand SEO no matter what.


Make Money Online Without Investment


Making a sizable investment in something that may, or may not make you money is something to think long and hard about. Better perhaps to investigate alternative methods of making money online that will not require significant expenditure.

Instead, you could digitally represent companies and their products on your own website and have them pay you regular commissions. This is now a multi billion dollar industry. It’s cutting edge and it’s making a lot of people wealthy.


Affiliate Marketing


  • Niche


The prerequisites for starting would firstly be a decision on the type of products you would like to talk about and perhaps review and what field of endeavor you want to be involved in. This is your niche.


  • Name Your business


Your URL, is the next step and whatever you decide that should be, it might be better, as a newbie, if it reflected your niche in some way.

Zipadeedoodah may sound cute as a name for a clothing styled business, and it would be brilliant if you specialized in zips, but if you want to leverage traffic it might be better to set yourself up as or something more directly reflecting your niche The more specific you are, the easier it will be for the search engines to find you.


  • Website


Your website can then be built around your niche.

Websites today are really easy to set up and although some developers still purpose build sites, the vast majority are fill in the blank templates.

There are thousands of templates available online, some are free and some available at modest cost.

If your niche were medical and scholarly, you could choose an appropriate perhaps more sober theme to suit your business. Conversely, if it were ladies shoes and handbags there are colorfully sophisticated themes for that too. For anything!


A beginners guide to making money online


  • Training


You could go it alone of course but that’s not something that I would recommended any more than I would loan my car to someone who didn’t know how to drive.

Wealthy Affiliate is offering a free membership that includes 7 days of intensive boot camp style training. You won’t need money, just a little time to absorb it all And get to grips with what affiliate marketing is all about. You deserve nothing less.

You can check out my review of the Wealthy Affiliate organization here.

Need anything? Please leave a comment below or you can reach me by e-mail at

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  1. Hi Howard,
    I really like your article, it’s very clear and easy to understand.
    As a beginner I never know it actually needs that many steps to make money online, I thought I only need a website and a product, I have no idea about keyword research and SEO, you really teach me a lot.
    I think I need to take a look at the training you mentioned.

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